Ordering your Wedding Album

Quick Summary:

Your Wedding Album and what is included

    • The wedding albums included in our packages are 30 or 40 pages depending on the package you selected.
    • You may choose up to a certain number of pictures that will go into your wedding album (MUST HAVEs) – see the table below.
    • The following table illustrates the number of “MUST HAVE” pictures in your wedding album.
Album Type MUST HAVES Maybe
12×12” 40-page Flush Mount Album 65 70
12×12” 30-page Flush Mount Album 40 70
10×10” 40-page Flush Mount Album 40 70
10×10” 30-page Flush Mount Album    30 70
  • You may select up to an additional 70 pictures (MAYBEs) to be considered to include in your wedding album, in which we will choose from to work with in order to come up with the final album design. The total number of pictures included in the final draft varies depending on the design, images, as well as the size of the album.
  • We draft the design based on all your “MUST HAVE” pictures, and utilize the pictures from your “MAYBE” pool to create a flow in the overall design.
  • The larger the book, or the more pages the book, the more pictures we generally include in both the “MUST HAVE” and “MAYBE” pools. We also reserve the rights to add pictures based on our best judgment to illustrate the story within the album.
  • All wedding albums will contain at least the following 20 pages out of the minimum of 30 pages. The remaining of the pages will be flexible pages that make up for the rest of the wedding events or spreads of your favorite pictures
Page Type # of Pages
 First Page (usually a full spread of 1 image) 2
 Preparation (Bride + Groom) 2
 Formal Portraits 4
 Family Portraits 2
 Wedding Ceremony 4
 Wedding Details 2
 Banquet Events (Cake/Toss/speech/toast) 4
 First Dance 2
 Dance / Celebration 2
 Last Page 2


* the above is a brief guideline only, we will adjust the content of the pages accordingly for each of our album design.
Each wedding album design is carefully laid out to best present your event and is an artistic presentational layout.  We would pick additional pictures from the rest of the selection to present a good flow of events and best present the images. One draft change up to 5 picture substitution is included with your wedding album included in your wedding photography package without major alteration to the design.  If you wish to have additional “MUST HAVE” photos included in your album, consider a larger size album for more room to fit the additional pictures, or alternatively you may also consider adding additional pages to the book.We would try our very best to include all the pictures you have chosen in the album design draft which may include additional pages if your selection is over the limit. Our wedding album designer will contact you for an initial design estimate and advice you if we believe an album size upgrade or additional pages would help perfect your album.

Please note that beyond the included draft change of 5 photo substitution, further modification to the design is available for $50/hr.

Tips on picking pictures

  • Concentrate on selecting your top selections first.  Chances are you’ll end up with easily a couple hundred photos to begin with. It’s okay, take your time and try to narrow down to the images you ultimately best represents you and how you would like to remember the day.
  • In order to make a good pool of selections, you’ll need some pictures from different times of the day – some from the preparation, ceremony, reception, and some family pictures and portraits.  Separate them into folders to help yourself organize if necessary.
  • Pick out the “MUST HAVE” pictures.  These are usually your favorite bridal portraits, immediate family portraits, pictures from the reception, and a few favorites throughout the day.
  • The “MAYBE” pictures generally would include pictures that compliment your best selections listed as “MUST HAVE”.  These pictures will help us outline the day and illustrate the story with the album.  Some detail shots, candid shots, or those pictures that you have a hard time letting go.
  • The album should flow in a chronological order to look and feel right.  Go through your selection one last time and see if anything feels missing.
  • Larger albums allow us more room to work with the design, and we would be able to include more pictures per page without packing things too tight.
  • More eventful weddings call for additional pages so that different events aren’t packed into the same page. Below is a table of upgrade costs for your album.

Flush Mount Album – additional 5 spreads (10 pages) $200
Flush Mount Album – additional 10 spreads (20 pages) $400
Flush Mount Album upsize – 10×10” to 12×12” $300

Further Revisions

  • If you would like to fully customize your album design, we offer two options:
    • You may wish to make additional small changes that can be done over the phone or email.  We can help you with these small adjustments for $50/hr.  We do not accept major design changes over the phone or email.
    • You may schedule an appointment with our album designer at our studio for a Custom Album Design Service.    Custom Album Design Service is priced at $100/hr with a 2-hour minimum.
    • Please email Winnie at winnie@hermanau.com for any further information or to make your appointment.
All Flush Mount Albums come with black leatherette covers unless specified. We use high-quality UV coated archival Luster paper for Flush Mount Albums as standard.

Submitting your selections:

  • Once you receive your wedding DVD, you may begin with your selection by jotting down the file numbers. Typically they look something like this: 176.DSC_6657.jpg
  • The first 3-4 digit number represents the sequence of your pictures, and the last 4 digits represent the file number on our records.
  • Please provide us with a list of the last 4 digitals separated by a comma. Sample: 3357, 3360, 3411, 3516, 6511, 6524, 3639 The easiest way to handle your selection is to make a text document on your computer, or simply jot it down on paper.
  • In some cases you may find variations of the same file denoted with a -2 like 000.xxxx-2.jpg, you can also include this in your selection to specify which version you prefer.
  • You may email your selection directly to our in-house album design Winnie at winnie@hermanau.com once you have chosen your pictures and she will work with you regarding the details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the album creation process take?
A: The design process usually takes about 3-4 weeks to complete, allow us about 2 weeks to process, and an additional 4-5 weeks for our printer to craft your album by hand.  Add another week for delivery.  Most albums take about 10 to 11 weeks from picture submission to delivery.
Q: Picking the pictures out of all these wedding pictures I received is hard! Is there an easier way to do this?
A: Yes!  Just like how you entrusted us in photographing your wedding, you could also tell us to use our best judgment to put together the album for you.  This is probably the easiest and quickest way to receive your wedding album. We do ask you to help us by picking the family photos that you wish to go into the album so we don’t miss out on important people at your wedding.
Q: What’s the difference between a bigger book and additional pages?
A: Additional pages allow us to include more events and separate things in the book, while a large size would give us more space to work with the design and fill the book with more content.  Both methods will help you fulfill the book with more pictures but the results would be different.
Q: How many pictures do an additional spread (2 pages) in the flush mount album translate to?
A: There really isn’t a magic set number in reality and it really depends on your selections.  Say you add 1 picture from the prep and 1 picture from the dance, and if we were to do a full spread for the dance you choose to include as “MUST HAVE” then that translates to 2 pages for the 1 picture and maybe we could fit that prep picture into the prep page without adding anything.  So the best thing to do is to narrow down your choices first and we’ll try to do the layout based on your selection.For more information regarding our Wedding Photography Services please visit this section.