Album Design Styles

3 Styles of Album Designs

We have broken down our album designs into 3 main styles as shown below.  Each style has its pros and cons and one may fit better than the other depending on the personal preference and the style of your wedding.  Please specify the style to our wedding album designer in order to help us better serve you. There is no wrong way to choose the following, and if you’re in doubt, you can always just tell us to use our best judgement to design the book according to your photos. In many cases we may also use a combination of the following styles to make certain pages work.


#1 Minimalism

The minimalism approach allows the pictures to really speak for themselves without much clutter.  We lay them out in a way that uses the geometry to show off the pictures and design.  Images are presented relatively to space and it often times fit well for artistic imageries.  The setback is that it doesn’t best use all the space, but the pictures look stunning on the pages and they are viewed in their full glory without obstructions or distractions.  This serves best if minimalism is your style, or if your have a highly stylized wedding.














#2 Contemporary

This style serves best if you wish to fit more pictures into a limited number of pages.  It works on most album sizes, but works better if you have 10×10″ and up.  Larger books like gorgeous with this type of layout when even a relatively small image would look generously big on print in high details. If you wish to utilize the 30/40 page book that comes with your package and opt out of any possible upgrades, we will by default design the book with this style.  Please let us know when you submit your photo selections.















#3 Traditional (Overlay)

This is the more traditional approach of not leaving any empty space around.  Backgrounds are filled with overlay images and you’ll see images overlap in most pages.  Pros: there’s no wasted space anywhere, and you’ll probably see all your selections in the book; Cons: Design looks busy comparing to the previous 2 styles, and you won’t see entire images without interruptions in most cases.  This serves best if you prefer the traditional look, or if you don’t like negative space or empty areas on the pages at all.   Each of the design style above has its own unique character.  Please kindly refer to the design style to our album designer so that we know what fits you the best!