Wedding Etiquette on Social Media


Have you found out about a friend’s engagement by scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed? In the age of social media, engagement etiquette has certainly changed, and the same can be said about wedding etiquette, too. Whether you’re planning a wedding or just attending one as a guest, keep these new rules in mind:

Create and use the official hashtag.
Brides, your big day will fly by leaving you with no time to snap pictures yourself, so it’s important to create a unique wedding hashtag for the event. Spread the word about the hashtag so guests know to use it when they post photos on social media. It may seem like a minor detail that can be skipped over now, but after the wedding is over, you’ll be happy that you can go back and easily find your guests’ photos.

Guests, this rule is for you, too! If a couple has asked that guests  use a certain hashtag , respect their wishes!

Don’t reveal the dress.
If you’re attending a wedding, it may be tempting to post a selfie with the bride or a glamorous shot of her walking down the aisle, but keep it private! When and how to reveal the wedding dress to people who weren’t invited to the wedding is a bride’s prerogative. Make sure that any pictures of the dress that are posted are put up after the bride has posted photos of the dress herself.

Maintain the surprise.
As you plan the wedding of your dreams, you may feel the need to share updates with your friends and family on social media, but try to hold off! Guests want to be surprised when they attend your wedding, but if they’ve already seen your cake, floral arrangements and place settings on Facebook, that element of mystery is gone.  Keep the details of your wedding off of social media and instead, share these updates with the bridal party and your family members only.

Say “thank you” offline.
In the age of social media, couples may decide to post a long, heartfelt message to all the guests that attended their wedding and made it a special evening. This is completely appropriate, however make sure that it doesn’t take the place of traditional thank you cards. Guests will not want a mass post on Facebook to replace the personal connection felt through a handwritten thank you card, so in this case, don’t throw out tradition for technology.


Put phones away at the ceremony.
Guests, as the bride walks down the aisle or stands at the altar, it’s best to leave your phones in your pockets or bags. During this special moment, the bride probably does not want her every step being photographed and placed on social media or live tweeted to the world. Even worse? When guests feel the need to reach their arms out into the aisle to snap a clear picture of the bride and groom. Out of respect, save the selfies and status updates until the cocktail hour. A professional photographer will be circling the couple getting the snaps that they requested, so don’t take it upon yourself to ruin the shot by getting out of your seat and in their way!


Don’t forget to make it official!
After all the excitement from your wedding has calmed down, don’t forget to make your new relationship status official on Facebook! Making the change is a great time to also share the first photos from your big day, so friends and family who weren’t able to attend can congratulate you and send their love.

Even though you should follow these etiquette rules, there’s one thing that’s even more important. Above all else, weddings are about having fun and celebrating the love shared between two people! Keep this in mind to create special memories that will be sure to last a lifetime!


by Naomi Shaw
Naomi is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, weddings, furnishings and interior design. This mompreneurer transitioned from stay-at-home mom to full-time freelance journalist. She resides in sunny Southern California with her husband, son, and two daughters.




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