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Wedding: Nancy + Charles @ California Science Center

I promised Nancy & Charles that I’d be blogging this wedding but it took me quiet a while to get to it.  Part of the reason is because we’ve been shooting almost every other day this summer, and the other thing is that we’ve been actually working on a complete website redesign.  This wedding is so special that I almost wanted to save it until the new website launch.  But then I just can’t wait any longer to share this with you all. =)

When Charles and Nancy first approached me, I knew his would be one special wedding.  They held their ceremony and reception at the California Science Center which I frankly didn’t know about it at all.  And then Charles is a huge music fan.  He and Nancy took this music theme far beyond most people would have imagined – their invitation card is a CD holder which contains a CD of their favorite music; everybody in their wedding party has their own entrance theme song; Nancy crafted a custom wedding gift card box that looked like a vintage amp, and it’s so real that it fooled all of us for the entire day; and to top it all off Charles and his groomsmen performed a song and got the entire crowd wild in the evening.  Being a part of this amazing wedding was like going to work at a rock concert!

If you’re wondering about the football, it’s related to Charle’s line of work. =)

Look at those seating place cards they look like a ticket to a concert!

and this is their custom music CD invitation, absolutely stunning!

instead of a sign in book or a picture frame, they went with what’s appropriate – a guest sign-in guitar!!!

this is what really fooled everybody for the longest time, Nancy’s custom vintage amp… wedding gift card box.  It’s so realistic that I think she deserves an award for this. :)

as the day goes by, they turned the California Science Center into a rock concert amazing wedding reception

and the crowd goes WILD!

Makeup & Hair
Chiali Meng Professional Hair & Makeup
Wedding Ceremony
Exposition Rose Garden
Wedding Reception
Wallis Annenberg Building
Exposition Park
700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles CA 90037
Wedding Coordinator
California Wedding Days
Jennifer Chau

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Beautiful photos! I love the ceremony shots especially.

What an amazing location for a wedding! Love the way you documented the wedding day…beautiful photos! :D



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