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Wedding: Carly + Dante @ Elings Park, Santa Barbara

Over the past few months I’ve encountered several weddings that are especially memorable – and Carly & Dante’s wedding being one of them definitely. It all started on a very calm and beautiful day in Santa Barbara.  The drive was pretty pleasant that day with virtually no traffic.  We arrived early at a beautiful historic house where Carly and her family were busy preparing for her big day.  Everybody’s really calm as the day unfolds.

Note: Carly told us that they had to cancel the rehearsal due to the weather… and I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about on a beautiful sunny day in Santa Barbara at that point… read on and find out what happened!

Right before the first look we positioned Carly there and so I asked her to describe Dante since I never met him prior to the day.  Carly said of him as a very serious business person who gets things done.  I have to admit that got me intimidated a little bit haha but we actually got a pretty good laugh out of it.   note: Turns out Dante is a super nice and sweet guy. =)

Carly told me that they had to actually cancel the rehearsal the day before because of strong wind.  This is where I started wondering about the wind ’cause it’s such a calm and nice sunny day.  The ceremony carried on and boy it’s a real nice change to see lots of green during the wedding ceremony.  The lovely lights and shades composes for awesome pictures just awaiting to be captured.

and the following are some of my favorite photos captured that day.  I just couldn’t help it but show you the black and white version as it really illustrates the beauty of the light and that contrast gives such awesome visual impact.

This is where the day got really interesting… it’s still a beautiful and sunny day, but the wind that we heard was blowing as hard as 40+ mph decided to come back and visit us.  The wind was so strong that our light stand fell and shattered a flash unit, wine glasses were falling, and boy it was W-I-N-D-Y!  Then after sunset it turned very cold quickly as well.

But then you know what?  Everybody, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y toughed it out for this lovely couple and stayed behind for the entire reception.  Everyone embraced the weather and celebrated the love of Carly and Dante it’s absolutely amazing.

The following are a few photos from their speeches and cake cutting from the ever changing light that day but boy, it’s so amazingly beautiful to work with.

who needs a fork when cake feeding is so pretty!? ;-)

Reception – Elings Park, Santa Barbara
That’s it for now folks!
Next up is Nancy & Charles who held their reception at the California Science Center… and I promise you really don’t want to miss it! ;)


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