Wedding: Sim + Michael @ San Gabriel Hilton

When I met Sim the first time back in May when we talked about her wedding plans.  She did tell me it’s going to be a very long day, but what she didn’t tell me was the fun crowd I’d be working with on her big day!  The above picture says it all – the groom Michael, the entire bridal party, and all her friends are such a blast to work with and the entire day just went by so quickly.

We got up early that day and began at Sim’s home, and I must say it’s just awesome to start the day working with the very talented, newly wedded Katie Bee and her husband Shaun.  And then the day really began when Michael along with his bridal party, friends, and relatives arrive at the house with the traditional red trays of gifts, followed by door games, and tea ceremony.

Katie Bee in action!

yep… I’m sure these games of torment would give these two nightmares. =)

Then the boys are supposed to bribe their way through the doors to reach the bride, and I don’t think the bridesmaids were too happy about what’s in the red envelopes. :)

here’s one group shot of the bridal party as we kick off this eventful day
tea ceremony served by the newly weds to the familyred envelopes given to the newly weds

and here’s one picture that means something special to me… just when we were about the leave the bride’s home to the groom’s I found my jacket along with my car keys were missing.  We scrambled for 5 minutes and couldn’t find them… I quickly hitched a ride with Melvin my assistant that day and hopped off the car and had no time to prepare, but I was pretty lucky to find that beautiful light brushing across when they lit up incense.

yep… that’s a happy bridal party =)


  • Makeup & Hair:  The amazing Katie B!  –  www.katiebcosmetics.com
  • Wedding Coordination: Diane Nguyen (and thanks for finding my keys!!!)
  • Videography:  Michael Shu, Charlice Lin & Brian Press @ Onyx Cinema: www.onyxcinema.com
  • Floral Arrangements: Jennifer Mai
  • Hilton LA/San Gabriel Hotel  – link

The slideshow contains additional pictures if you’re interested.  I’m going to start doing this from now on so that I won’t be robbing everybody’s bandwidth! =)

Wedding: Sim + Michael @ San Gabriel Hilton wedding photography


Venue: Hilton Los Angeles – San Gabriel | 225 West Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel, CA | (626) 270-2700


Wow. So many details! What an incredible looking day!!! I love your lighting, and your timing for some of those moments is impeccable. Superb work! And the lovely bride’s last dress is amazing!!

WOW GREAT WORK HERM!! thanks it was a blast posing for all the photos… everyone should get married!

That opening picture is just SPECTACULAR! Well done on capturing their wedding day so beautifully and creatively!

What a mind blowing whirlwind of colour and joy! Fantastic photographs Herman. It’s patently clear how fantastic the day was itself.

Your BW images are fantastic! I also really love the ones of the guys doing their karate moves!

what a great wedding! I love all the mix of cultures and traditions. You captured some wonderful moments.

Lovely as always.


beautiful, beautiful job! What a happy couple!

beautiful work. i absolutely love them all, but something has made me fall in love with the cake shot. awesome perspective.

I really love the details. I can tell there was so much going on and makes me want to see the whole thing. So well done – love your style.

Fantastic job with this one! The posing was amazing. Loved the Kung-Fu sequence with the groomsmen.

Great storytelling, I really got a feel for the whole day. And I also love love love the bouquets, so gorgeous!

Great colours in these, and I love the details that you’ve captured so well.

Brilliant photographer coupled with a great couple and venue! Love it.

I want kung fu fighters at my next wedding! I’m jealous.
Good job! The staircase shot captured a great intimate moment.

Looks like a really fun wedding too shoot.

The slideshow is awesome (great song choice too).

Love that group black and white shot! Hilarious! :D

Stunning colors, amazing work. Really, really, REALLY good job.

Wow that dress shot is amaaazing. Great work!

OMG, how kick ass are those groomsmen??



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