Wedding: Jeannie & Jerry: The Ultimate DIY Wedding @ The Clarke Estate

This one particular wedding had me looking forward to throughout 2010 for many reasons.  A big part of it is knowing how much heart and soul Jeannie and Jerry poured into their wedding and how much work they have done to make this wedding truly represent who they are.  They have been working on this wedding project for over a year starting from the night they camped out at Clarke Estate to get in line to be able to book this wedding venue they love.  And then it’s all the DIY almost everything throughout the entire wedding from the engagement ring they designed together, to the entire wedding theme, invitation cards, down to the cute little things like the kiddie bags for the children, and even fun activities for the guests to enjoy during the wedding.  Of course the coolest of all, a photo booth Jerry built from scratch…

We started early that day arriving when Sunny started doing Jeannie’s makeup and hair.  We walked in more than well prepared than usual because Jeannie gave us a very awesome timeline, directions, and even a name chart with pictures of all the people we should know, and then we were greeted with boxes of items clearly labeled in the bridal room.  I can’t help but joke about all that… and then Jeannie asked me to open up one of the boxes to find a shoebox with a label saying “props”.  Inside there were lots of different props for me to take pictures with their rings.  Now that’s just impressive organization and preparation!  On a side note, I ended up not even using anything out of the box to create the ring shot for you, sorry Jeannie! ;-)  But I did take pictures of those cute things in the box thou!

I notice that the makeup artists don’t usually get to see the first look but since Sunny and her team were present at the time, I paid special attention to creating this special moment for Jeannie and Jerry along with the audience in the back. =) 

The unique layout of Clarke Estate creates some awesome lighting which I always love to work with.

and so we toured around the Estate with them to let them see their 1 year project becoming a reality while they were dressing up

alright here comes the DIY details, starting from the invitation cards they made and the pretty engagement ring 

to the very cute luggage tags they made as wedding favors… Shirley and I are delighted to find our names on there too!

here’s a glimpse of how well organized they are… ;-)

yep… DIY bouquet as well, amazing isn’t it?

and…. drum rolls….

Yep… the DIY Photo Booth courtesy to the very handy Jerry!!!

Of course the couple would have the honor of the first shots! Say cheese!

One of the cutest moments when the ring bearer ran over and snatched this lady’s camera…  

Congratulations again Jeannie and Jerry.  I look forward to seeing you guys again soon, maybe our next food adventure? ;-)

Jeannie & Jerry:  The masterminds behind the entire amazing wedding!
Makeup by Sunny La of Susie Chhuor Professional Makeup and Hair: http://www.susiechhuor.com
Venue: Clarke Estate | 10211 Pioneer Boulebard, Santa e Springs, CA | (562) 868-3876

This whole set is amazing. That ring shot is killer. I also love the shot of the wedding party lined up in bw as well as the bride in groom in black and white. Awesome!

Gorgeous set! You have some awesome creativity!

What a cool wedding. Love the detail and personal touch that went into all the decorations. They look like an amazing couple and you have done a brilliant job of capturing that.

Beautiful work. I love your B&W conversions!

You had me at the ring shot. Great work.

Amazing photos! The rings are so lovely, and the whole decorating was captured great! DIY weddings look like so much fun!

what a charming wedding. I love the night venue shots.

Love how clean your photography is. Really solid set!

Lovely work. Great job on the party shots.

An awesome job!! This is one fabulous wedding!! Great processing

This is a beautiful set of pictures! I love the image before the first look starts.

Awesome work, Herman! The details were amazing. I have to tell you… I did my first “first look” last weekend and it was “ok”. Seeing that first look shot that you took… that’s how to do it. You set the bar high!!! Amazing! I can feel the tension and excitement in that shot.

Thanks guys all your kind words really mean a lot to me. Thank you! =)

looove your clean & crisp processing. I also love the photo of her mom giving her away. gorgeous. some great moments in here and the detail shots are awesome.

Herman- I am absolutely floored by the amount of hard work and creativity that you put into these images. You captured what the essense of what our wedding day was, and all the little moments and details in between! Thank you so much- hiring you was one of the best decisions we made. In addition, I’m happy to have gained 2 new friends in the process and I look forward to hanging out with you and Shirley in the future! After all…you can’t go to Tasty To Go too many times, right? :)

Haha, I adore that shot with the groom on his knee and the girls with the bouquets. You did a fabulous job on this wedding. :D



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