Photography Workshop 101

So you have splurged on a brand new camera and the camera manual isn’t exactly very helpful. You try playing with it and couldn’t figure out how to tap into its potential. Or maybe you’re trying to upgrade from your kit lens and you’re not sure where to begin? If you fit into any of the above criteria, this is the class designed for you.

This workshop is designed to give you the fundamentals and some hands on experience to get you started with photography without the frustration. No photography experience or professional equipment necessary, but we recommend a semi-decent point & shoot camera to an entry-level DSLR (no your phone camera does not count).

Who this is for: new DSLR & 4/3 owners, mid-high end point & shooters, or if you’re simply interested in learning the fundamentals of photography and planning to buy a camera.

Who this is NOT for: you score 90% or above on the CPP sample test on PPA; seasoned professional photographer; or you only want to come by and have some of Shirley’s baked goods!

Learn how a camera really works. Learn how to operate your camera and what all those buttons are for. We’ll cover the bascis from learning your camera, to the fundamentals of exposure, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, basic compositions, white balance, histogram, and how to analyze, appreciate, and critique. You will also learn practical tips and tricks that will help you overcome some common mistakes and frustrations.

Class size is limited to 8 because this workshop is designed to be interactive and personal. Limited seatings remaining so please please please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to attend.

DATE: 12/4/2010 SAT
TIME: 10 – 4pm
FEES: $150
LOCATION: 420 Rolyn Pl #B, Arcadia CA
Light refreshments and lunch will be served with lots of Q&A and group participation.



For more upcoming workshops please visit the workshop page, or sign up here.  You will be contacted to confirm the details of the workshop.


What counts as a mid-high end point & shooter?

hmm… a camera that has more than just the shutter, zoom, play, delete buttons and the arrow keys. e.g. if your camera has P, A, S, M mode selection dial, allows you to select the point of focus, etc. Most semi decent compacts days usually have some of those features that allow you some sort of manual controls or override.



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