Engagement: Jeannie & Jerry @ Griffith Observatory

I remember when I met Jeannie and Jerry the first time they told me about their passion towards photography. It is especially fun when working with couples who love to take pictures themselves. What I didn’t expect is Jeannie who went all out on her homework doing tons of research on different ideas that made the day super productive and fun!

We started off the day at Pasadena getting the two warmed up. They were a little shy at the beginning, but it didn’t take them long to get warmed up and started sharing their ideas. Jeannie also prepared a ton of props to use which really added to this e-session – scrabble, books, balloons, kite you name it. We then headed over to the Griffith Park in LA hoping to find a swing, but unfortunately they’re all occupied. Not to fear, we then proceeded to the Griffith Observatory towards the evening and caught some beautiful sunset light there.

Thanks guys! Looking forward to your big day later this year! ;-)



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