They’re here! Nikon D3 and D300

It wasn’t long ago when I upgraded my D70 to D200… and today Nikon finally released their top secret projects of the D300 and professional D3 to compete with Canon. I browsed the spec sheet briefly and I’m still digesting the information… here’s the link to the 2 cameras for your information. :)

It appears that Nikon finally delivered their flavor of full frame sensor, and this new sensor design provides unprecedented noise control in Nikon DSLR history that may allow them to rival with Canon. This new FX format also carries on the Nikon tradition of compatibility to allow the use of DX lens with automatic masking. Both cameras utilizes a new 14bit EXPEED sensor that should boost tonal range. Both cameras offer the new 51-point AF system, and also a self sensor cleaning feature. They also seem to have put in more effort in defending the cameras against dust and moisture. The detachable caps seem to be improved… (yay no more losing plastic caps). Both cameras have 3″ LCD monitors with wide viewing angle, and hopefully their new EN-EL4a would address the battery life issue.

At a first glance, the 2 cameras appear to be matching up quite well against the Canon 40D and 1D-MkIII. Now they’re on even ground to compete… it will be interesting to see the upcoming image comparison. :)

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