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HDR WRX STi Wagon (by hermanau)
Shot with Sigma 105mm Macro, Nikon D50

I have a few shots published on flickr from the shoot last week with a few friends of mine. This probably is the last one with my car in the same lot since I think I’ve gotten enough practice with the place and I’m ready for the real thing. I’m getting more comfortable with my different arsenal of lens and how to get the shots I want. Although I must admit that there are some angles with the wide angle that I still don’t feel perfectly comfortable with. Anyway, next week I have my first shoot coming up with some new cars, stay tuned. :)

HDR WRX STi Wagon (by hermanau)
Shot with Tokina 12-24mm wide angle with Nikon D70

This was shot with my wide angle lens on the 20mm end for less distortion. It appears to work pretty well but I still see that slightest distortion that makes me want to try the 24mm end next time. The light that I decided to include when I shot this seem to work pretty well with the HDR effect.

WRX STi wagon (by hermanau)
Shot with Sigma 105mm @ F/5.6 ISO200 with Nikon D50



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