I quit!

Yea, I quit my day job. I quit my job for numerous reasons, and I think you may find some of them very familiar:

  • I don’t enjoy working with (some of) my co-workers, mainly because of too much drama/politics.
  • I find myself growing beyond my position, and the chance of getting a raise/promotion is slim.
  • I find the company/industry I work for is going downhill.
  • I find myself spending way too much time stuck in traffic.
  • I find myself not having enough time to do the most basic things in life, quality of life is falling fast.
  • I find myself getting further and further away from my life goals than getting closer.
  • I am simply not making enough money, and continuing to do what I’m doing isn’t going to help.
  • I find myself having little to no control of improving my life with what I do at work.
  • I’m not enjoying work, and I hate waking up on Monday mornings so much that I always want to call in sick.

Heck, if you find yourself fitting one, or some of the criteria I listed above, maybe you should sit yourself down and THINK hard for yourself what you could do to change things around. I QUIT! I decided to start working for myself to try to find a different route, and with the spare time around I’ll catch up with the things I wanted to do, and do the things I need to do to improve the quality of my life, and my family. Wish me luck, and I wish you all the best of luck with your careers! :-)



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