Wedding photography

“To capture genuine, spontaneous beauty”

That is the essence of the philosophy of my work.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  But to me, a good picture means a world and tells a whole story, whether it’s the story of your life, your feelings, or that very moment in life that you wouldn’t want to forget.  These pictures captured during the wedding day are never staged, and not only do they record the visual image, but they capture the essence of the very moment that would mean a world to you for a lifetime to come.

It’s about the aesthetics, story telling aspects, and the emotions; and it’s also about the love and the experience that goes with it on your wedding day that really matters most to us.

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Photo + Video as ONE

I’ve started putting together my own video team back in early 2011 because I saw the significance of cinematography moving forward, and the advantage of working together as a team.

When you hire us capturing both motion and still pictures, we work as ONE unit. You no longer have to do things twice, and we insist that you wouldn’t have to re-enact or fake things for us to shoot. We have pre-exisisting chemistry and our proven way of working together that allows us to remain unobtrusive and yet extremely effective.

The result? Better photos, better video, and a much more enjoyable and trouble-free wedding event where everyone is happier.

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