“Telling stories in motion pictures”

I’ve always thought that I wouldn’t enjoy shooting videos ever since I became a professional photographer. But when I first came across my first SLR that had video capabilities, I discovered a whole new way of seeing cinematography – it’s photography in motion!

Ever since then I’ve become one of the very few photographers who also shoot video and having a ton of fun doing so!  Our cinematography work carries the same level of photography work with an added dimension of movement and sound, and tied together with our story telling philosophy.  It is a much more engaging experience than what you would expect from a simple wedding video.

Photo + Video as ONE

I’ve started putting together my own video team back in early 2011 because I saw the significance of cinematography moving forward, and the advantage of working together as a team. It’s never an easy thing to work with different video companies every single wedding because everyone’s approach to capturing their footage is very different. Some teams prefer to direct you throughout the day, and some employs as many as 5 crew in a team; and without proper chemistry and the drive to work together, things can sometimes get rather tricky.

When you hire us capturing both motion and still pictures, we work as ONE unit. You no longer have to do things twice, and we insist that you wouldn’t have to re-enact or fake things for us to shoot. We have pre-exisisting chemistry and our proven way of working together that allows us to remain unobtrusive and yet extremely effective.

The result? Better photos, better video, and a much more enjoyable and trouble-free wedding event where everyone is happier.


Wedding Cinematography by Herman and video team – “Telling a story in motion photography”
Package starts at $4,000.

Cinematography add-on to our packages by our associate video team from Cotton Love Studios starts at $3,500.