Really, I love what I do, and I am thankful to have found the one thing that I love doing and be able to turn it into my career and also a life-long learning experience. I love being a photographer, being able to capturing bits and pieces of life and preserving precious memories. Don’t take my words for it, here’s what my clients and those who worked with me have to say. =)

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Client Reviews

ProjectWedding.com (ttfm3326): My fiancé and I are ecstatic to have Herman as our photographer for our wedding. We haven’t had the chance to work with him, so more reviews will come when we have our engagement session and wedding. But for now, I would like to acknowledge Herman for his professionalism and amicable
personality. We hit it off with Herman right away and we can’t wait for our photo shoot to start. He made us feel comfortable and was open to our ideas/suggestions.
He’s definitely attentive and accommodating. On top of that, he’s willing to work with the couple’s budget! He understands that weddings can be costly, so he will customize a package to fit your needs. Perhaps the most admirable characteristic about Herman is that he takes pride in his work and is genuinely concerned that his clients are both happy and satisfied with their photos. From speaking to him personally and reviewing his portfolio, I am certain that he will put forth his best effort when it comes to our engagement/wedding photos. Needless to say, Herman would definitely be someone I would refer my friends to =).

UPDATE (4-27-2010):
This review will be based on my engagement session with Herman. And two words describes my experience with him, AMAZING and FUN! My fiance and I are not very photogenic people, and we’re not naturals when it comes to posing for photos. So we were really quite afraid that our photos will come out stiff and awkward. However, to our happy surprise, it was the total opposite. I think a tip all brides should consider when choosing a photographer, is to make sure the photographer makes you the couple feel comfortable. And for us, Herman did. He was intuitive and attentive to our needs. Herman made us feel so comfortable, that it was really easy to be our silly selves around him. Which was great because he was able to capture those candid moments and the chemistry we have together, which we wanted. And not expecting to see the edit proofs of our e-session until like 2-3 weeks later, Herman was so swift that he emailed our e-proofs in like 3 days. We were so ecstatic to see our photos, and we were so delighted and amazed at how awesome the photos came out. Not only did we have an amazing and fun time during our photo session, but our photos were astounding. I definitely recommend all future-to-be married couples to take engagement photos, because its a great way to test how well you would work with your photographer for your wedding day, and a great fun way to reflect on you as a couple. And if you want a photographer that can fulfill all the criteria mentioned above (a fun photo session with great and awesome photos), than Herman Au would be your guy.

ProjectWedding.com (Rutledk): Herman was a fantastic photographer. My husband and I could not be happier with our wedding photographs. He and his wife unobtrusively took hundreds of shots of our reception without us even knowing. The angle, lighting, and framing he picked for each shot created many perfect photographs. Many of which were shot from creative angles. He also snapped quite a few candid, photojournalistic-style shots that captured beautiful moments in our wedding. His processing time was also very fast. We had over 250 digital proofs accessible to us in less than ten days after our wedding. We couldn’t be happier to recommend him to other engaged couples.

ProjectWedding.com (AL and TC): Herman was super awesome to work with. :] We did an e-shoot with him and it was very enjoyable even though we’re not the most natural people in front of a camera. He was flexible, tried to help us feel comfortable in front of the camera, and captured, I mean worked with our dorkiness. He was a pleasure to work with, and hang out with. The pictures came out beautiful. Colorful, clean, crisp, and made us look good — which is no easy task. ;] His work seems to get better and better, so we definitely recommend him for e-shoots, and we’re pretty sure he can shoot a mean wedding as well.

ProjectWedding.com (jkurian): Where to begin?? Herman was hands-down the best investment/vendor we had the pleasure of working with for our wedding. He was referred to me by a friend who knew that my {now} hubby and I were looking for someone who would be able to work with our budget and yet, at the same time, not compromise on quality. We were not disappointed. In addition to being very talented and blessed with an uncanny ability to capture those fleeting, heartfelt moments, Herman is extremely nice and easy-going. Actually, both Herman and Shirley were wonderful to work with. I already knew to expect phenomenal pictures after seeing our engagement session photos, but what was great about their style, is that they truly are unobtrusive. On our wedding day, my hubby and I were simply able to be ourselves, and this essence was captured in all of Herman’s photos. And I also have to add, I don’t think I’m photogenic in the least, but Herman made me look radiant in all the images. I don’t know enough about photography to comment on all the nuances of what makes Herman’s photos truly unique; I think having a good eye, the composition and color saturation all have something to do with it. But, what I do know for sure is that we absolutely loved the end result, and these are images we’ll happily be looking at for the rest of our lives…

I would highly recommend Herman to anyone, and I’m extremely thankful we found him.

ProjectWedding.com (mstara1): Herman was just AMAZING! I was speechless when I saw my wedding photos. Some aspects of our wedding were challenging for any photographer to work with and he went above and beyond my expectations. I am so thankful that we chose Herman.

Everything about him was flawless. He was unobtrusive and was very easy to work with. His communication and easy-going personality put me at ease. Seriously, why choose anyone else?!

ProjectWedding.com (robandkristy): Herman had the ability to catch each and every moment without us ever even knowing it. When we got our pictures back we were absolutely blown away. We loved every single shot. His attention to detail and his intimate photojournalist style were exactly what we were looking for in a wedding photographer.

Rob and Kristy

ProjectWedding.com (mrhermit): Hello. We first met Herman @ my friends wedding. We were impressed @ his work and how professional he was. So when it was our time to get married we had no doubt in our mind we wanted to use Herman Au Photography. Anything we asked him if it was email or phone he always responded quickly and kindly. He would take shots as if he really enjoys it and cares about his work. He was on time ready to shot on a hot sunny day. If anyone asked would I change my photographer, I would say never and would love to use him again! Thanks again Herman Au Photography.

ProjectWedding.com (Jyang007): Herman was such a blast to work with. We were so comfortable with him that we sometimes forgot he was there. I hate taking pictures and am not photogenic in the slightest… and I told my husband that if we could just find 15 to 20 pictures from our engagement photos that we would like, i’d be so happy. Well, we ended up loving almost all of our engagement photos.

He was flexible to work with and we had loads of compliments from friends and family.

ProjectWedding.com (KS): Herman is a creative and responsible photographer. He is also flexible and understanding. Our wedding was on Christmas day and we made a last minute change asking him to come earlier and stay later. He was willing to accommodate this last minute request! We are both amazed by the fact that he would thought of going to our backyard and used leaves to make our wedding bands look awesome.:-)Oh, he is super friendly, too!

ProjectWedding.com (mimileung920): First of all – many thanks to Herman for the great pictures you took on my wedding day. I know that I was not able to provide you with a great look that day due to my sickness during the time. I guess it gave you a challenge, as my wedding photographer. However, Herman was professional and pleasant to work with. We did not need to pose for him to take pictures, and it just happened naturally. The pictures that you captured on our big day are awesome. They capture and represent one of the most important day of our lives. Thanks – I would definitely recommend you to my friends or others.

M & H

ProjectWedding.com (DoubleLove): Herman has a great artistic eye for shots – he was very meticulous in his work. Both our engagement shots and wedding photos turned out beautifully. Herman Au Photograpy displayed professionalism, care, friendliness, flexibility, and a high quality of work. We were pleased with our package that included our engagement photos, our wedding day photos, and a wedding album. Their packages have a range in prices to meet every couple’s needs. They are definitely photographers that you should have for your special moments in your life.

ProjectWedding.com (dcdemarco): I had a friend show me the work this man does…WoW! He is amazing at creating moments and capturing moments.

ProjectWedding.com (lisa0718): Herman and his wife Shirley did an amazing job on our engagement and wedding photos. They are both talented, professional, detail oriented, personable and patient. Our pictures, wedding album, and parent albums look amazing and went far beyond our expectation. Herman’s attention to detail and his artistic perspective on photography are what attracted us to his work in the first place. I highly recommend him to couples and anyone who wishes to capture life’s special moments. Herman and Shirley will not disappoint you.

ProjectWedding.com (baby14): Herman was everything we could have asked for in a photographer and so much more. We just want to express how happy we are with the entire experience. It was not uncommon for him to go beyond our expectations. He took the time to answer all of our questions thoroughly and promptly (and that might be an understatement). After the wedding many of our friends and family commented to us on their positive experience with Herman and we can’t help but agree! His professionalism and friendliness was unwavering, even through all the chaos he showed great patience and care.

If it sounds like we are gushing, it’s because we are! He really is that great and we know we made the right choice. For all the couples out there looking for a photographer we highly recommend him!

ProjectWedding.com (Hfrench02): Herman is by far, the most talented, friendly, and calm photographer! He captured our wedding day perfectly. After viewing our engagement and wedding photos, our friends and families all wanted to know how to get in contact with him for future occasions. Herman was also very helpful throughout our wedding planning-offering suggestions and being readily available to answer all our questions. He treated us with the utmost respect and not just as a client. He was very easy to work with. You could see a glimpse of his work on his website. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. We recommend him to everyone! Thanks Herman! =o)

ProjectWedding.com (AlecMoreno): As a wedding film specialist, I’ve had the chance to work alongside hundreds of photographers and seen quite a few of their portfolios, and Herman Au’s photography is astoundingly unique among them. In his images, he is equally adept at capturing people’s feelings as well as the look of the venues, details, and style…often within a single photograph. What continues to grab my attention in Herman’s work is how he finds such fresh approaches to capturing the day’s moments. He sees beyond the people he’s shooting, and in my opinion maximizes his use of the surrounding space/environment.

Perhaps most importantly, Herman has the ability to put couples at ease as they enjoy their day. His manner and appearance is as professional as his camera-work and I highly recommend him.

ProjectWedding.com (4eyes4ever): Herman,
Thank you for our beautiful engagement pictures. It’s wonderful to feel like a million bucks looking at the moments you’ve captured for us. Our families and friends love the pictures and keep asking for your card. I’m so glad we booked you. I admire your professionalism, creativity, patience, open mind, and of course….all the extra time you put into editing my crow’s feet and blemishes. Haha. We can’t wait to see more of your work once our wedding comes around.
L & H =)
Herman continued to deliver beautiful detailed and priceless pictures at our recent wedding, just like he did with our e-session last fall. We got to see our proofs within a short time too, which was great to share with our families and friends. I can’t emphasize how wonderfully professional, caring and patient, Herman and his assistant, Shirley, are. They arrived early in the morning at the hotel and were the last vendor to leave when the reception ended. It was a super long day, 15 hours to be exact, with a few inches of rain and strong winds, but Herman and Shirley never complained and were always smiling and cheerful, despite probably on the verge of getting sick. We really appreciated that he also gave us tips with our wedding preparation as it came closer and were always looking out for our best interest. I guarantee that all the fiancees looking for a wedding photographer will be very happy and at ease to book Herman for their event. =)

ProjectWedding.com (Jennifer): Herman was professional and competent in every area possible. Not only did he give us the greatest gift possible by capturing our wedding beautifully, but he also became our friend through the experience. We had no negative experience and will continue to use his services in the future, as well as recommending him to all of our family and friends. You will not be sorry for hiring Mr. Herman Au. He is exceptional and worth every penny. He actually deserves more than he charges, yet he helps out by being affordable.

ProjectWedding.com (bekiliskes): I don’t usually write reviews, but Herman is just so awesome that I must let everyone know how great of a photographer his is. First of all, for our engagement shoot, he and his wife Shirley spent an extra day to scope out locations for our engagement shoot in the Santa Ynez Valley. My husband and I felt that they went above and beyond to make our pictures special. The results truely showed how great the locations were, as well as his ability to capture everything that represents us and our style. For our wedding, they also went above and beyond throughout the day. Working in the hot summer heat, Herman never skipped a beat and was always there to capture every special moment. You can see from the photos that he can take an artistic point of view without compromising the essence of the emotions in a particular moment. A big THANKS to Herman for all your hard work in capturing our special day.

ProjectWedding.com (Vivian): It was a pleasant experience working with Mr. Herman Au. He spent nearly 12 hours with us on our wedding day with non-stop photo taking and communicating with friends and us to ensure his work was done perfectly in a timely manner. He arrived much earlier before the scheduled time and started taking preparation photos before the groom and the bride were ready. He was extremely patient and respectful to everyone at the party, though there were moments of chaotic throughout the day. I highly recommend Mr. Herman Au to anyone who is seeking a professional photographer with limited budget. He’s flexibility both with scheduling and pricing will make your planning so much easier. HE IS GOOD!!

Thomas Bang: Thank you Herman!!!! Highly recommend Herman to all my friends and family. His work is great and his personality is greater. Thank you for putting a smile all day long, despite the scorching heat!

Helen Hsu Martinez: Herman, you are great!! I loved that you carried one of my snacks and handed it to me when we were waiting for the DJ to get ready for the grand entrance to start. Those almonds really hit the spot! Also I liked your idea of having people come to us for table pics (instead of us going to the tables). I actually finished my steak! I was a very happy bride


Client Testimonials

ProjectWedding.com (Carly & Lawrence): My fiance and I booked Herman for an engagement shoot in March 2009. Words cannot fully describe what an amazing job he did! Both my fiance and I were blown away when we saw the results. He was able to capture all of the best moments of the day beautifully. In addition, Herman’s photo editing/post-processing skills are excellent.

It was a breeze to work with Herman! He is upbeat, very nice, accommodating, talented, patient, and also a good leader. He was able to instruct us on several poses during the shoot, which was very helpful. On the administrative end, Herman is very attentive. He returns emails quickly and the turnaround time on our photos was short. We have already gotten so many compliments on our pictures!! We will definitely be displaying our engagement pics at our wedding. Thanks, Herman!

Vendor Testimonials

ProjectWedding.com (Susie Chhuor Professional Hair and Makeup Team): Herman is such a fantastic photographer to work with. I’ve done many weddings with him and his work always gets better and better. His clients are always pleased by his outgoing and caring personality. Moreover, he does a great job with accommodating everyone’s needs and ensuring that they are comfortable under the lens. With the utmost passion I can honestly recommend Herman in a heart beat knowing that everyone will be satisfied with his commitment to his clients.

ProjectWedding.com (Q and Q Exquisite Planning): Herman did an excellent job for us at the Baksh Wedding in San Dimas. We have yet to see his finished work, but we know that he has the skill of a masterful photographer. He was absolutely unobtrusive yet he managed to move gracefully throughout the event capturing the most intimate of moments between the Bride and Groom and family. He never stopped looking for angesl and opportunities to capture great candid shots. We look forward to seeing his finished work!!

ProjectWedding.com (1Day1Shot Productions): Herman Au is an awesome photographer with a completely unique style. Definitely check out his work from the engagement session through the reception. He absolutely knows his craft.

ProjectWedding.com (Weddings by Melinda): Being in the wedding industry for many years, I can instantly tell if the vendor is professional and good- My instincts were right, Herman is wonderful to work with. He is very communicative, always on top of things, taking the right shots and best of all- Always in a great mood. It was no surprise that after viewing his pictures, he really IS a photographer.

ProjectWedding.com (Tmmpro Event Lighting, AV & DJ Services): Herman is a very professional and down to earth person. It is always nice to meet a photographer that let his work speak for itself. It is always a pleasure working with a genuine professional with depth but still maintain the enthusiasm and humility in the wedding industry. Keep up the work Herman.


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