Engagement: Rachel & Nick @ Griffith Park

The bugs just wouldn’t stop bothering us the entire day during the shoot, and the sun stayed behind the clouds all day.  But none of that have stopped us from capturing the deep emotional connection and the beautiful smile on their faces.  At the end of the day, we’ve gotten more than what we could have ever asked for – the little bugs got Nick to do a cute and silly angry face, the sun stayed behind the clouds for the both of them for the good since their eyes are pretty sensitive, and I found Rachel’s hair contrasting the green background beautifully.  Sometimes all you need to create imageries like this boils down to the very basic – love.

Can’t wait to work with you two on your big day!

Rachel-&-Nick-griffith-nature-engagement-session-1 Rachel-&-Nick-Griffith-Park-e-session.jpg-1 Rachel-&-Nick-Griffith-Park-e-session.jpg-2 Rachel-&-Nick-Griffith-Park-e-session.jpg-3 Rachel-&-Nick-Griffith-Park-e-session.jpg-4 Rachel-&-Nick-Griffith-Park-engagement-1  Rachel-&-Nick-griffith-vintage-engagement-session-1 Rachel-&-Nick-griffith-vintage-engagement-session-2 Rachel-&-Nick-griffith-vintage-engagement-session-3 Rachel-&-Nick-griffith-vintage-engagement-session-4 Rachel-&-Nick-griffith-vintage-engagement-session-5 Rachel-&-Nick-griffith-vintage-engagement-session-6 Rachel-&-Nick-griffith-vintage-engagement-session-7



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