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Wedding: Annie + Lok @ City Club at Bunker Hills, Los Angeles


Our first wedding in 2013 happened a few weeks ago at the City Club at Bunker Hill. It was so chilly that day and luckily the wedding was held indoors. Otherwise we would have been frozen to death before sunset. :)

I still remember the first time I met Annie and Lok. Annie gave me the impression that she’s shy and probably didn’t understand much Chinese at all, while Lok is quite the exact opposite. But as we continue to work with them throughout their wedding day, I began to understand why they’re made for each other. It’s really not about how similar you are with your partner, but more far would you go to compromise and appreciate the strength of that very opposite character of your other half that makes a successful marriage.

Congratulations Annie and Lok! =)
p.s. awesome slideshow buddy!

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Los Angeles City Club wedding 4Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-5 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-6 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-7 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-8 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-9 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-10 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-11 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-12 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-13 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-14 Los Angeles City Club wedding 16




Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-18 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-20 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-21 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-22 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-23 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-24


Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-25 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-26 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-27 Los-Angeles-City-Club-wedding-28

Hair and Makeup
Chiali Meng Professional Wedding Makeup



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