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Wedding: Samantha & David @ Gershon Bachus Vintners, Temecula

No I did not Photoshop the background into this one.

Samantha and Dave hands down had the most dramatic weather on their wedding day EVER.  It all started on a red hot summer day in Temecula which was in the hundreds.  The outside temperature gauge in my car was reading 115 degrees and it simply won’t go up anymore when we’re driving down to the makeup studio to meet with Sam.  Since we’re there a little too early, we went off to the venue for a little bit and came back, only to find a bright and clear hot summer day somehow suddenly turned into a hot a gloomy day, and within the next hour it started pouring.  It was raining so hard that everything they laid out at the venue were soaking wet, chairs and setups were blown away, and next thing we knew we’re in the middle of a huge thunderstorm I’ve never ever seen in SoCal before.

We could not believe our eyes seeing their elopement wedding to Temecula was coming to as we dry ourselves and continue to shoot.

I’m sure that would have made most of the brides cry, but Sam smiled all along and somehow the weather took a 180 degree turn and we got the absolute most dramatic sky in the background we’ve seen.

Congrats Sam & Dave! =)

I didn’t even know I captured this… until I was looking closely and saw that lightening strike I captured in the background.  Lighting reflex I suppose? :)

It seriously wasn’t just drizzling.  It was pouring hard and when I took this picture it was still drizzling and the sky was covered with black clouds ready to pour again any time.

Gershon Bachus Vintners Temecula
37750 De Portola Road  Temecula, CA 92592
(877) 458-8428


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