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I told you it’s engagement week and I’d be posting more!  Meet Jennifer and Kerrigan modeling this time around.

Over the past months I’ve encountered several occasions where my clients needed advice on picking a location.  Now instead of just picking a location I’ve been suggesting a few things that we could do to actually make a shoot successful, fun, and also personal.  We didn’t spend much time traveling in this e-session but quite a bit of walking (thanks Jenn! haha), which saved us a lot of time and energy which definitely contributes to making the photo shoot more FUN.

I remember when we started the e-session Jenn told me that they would need a lot of help with posing, but instead I think we warmed them up pretty quickly and it turned into almost no posing at all in the end.

Without further adieu let’s dive into this photoshoot and see how much fun they had.



So this one e-session we mainly explored into many different areas within one single location, but that definitely yields a nice variety of photos, and we spent a minimal amount of time hunting for photo ops.  To make this blog post complete, I have included 3 galleries below to provide you with some additional inspirations that’s not based on a location.

First up is Araceli and Jorge’s e-session, which we focused mainly in downtown LA – because both of them actually do very enjoy the life and surroundings in DTLA.  I remember chatting with them about the possible locations for the shoot before we headed out, and they told me about their love for night life and drinking.  A slight hesitation for them but it definitely became inspiration for the shoot when we started near DTLA near a pub they usually go to, then a couple of drinks and their personalities fit the look and feel like a glove.  We even went for a quick break for sushi and yogurt in between and maybe that’s why they both looked so satisfied. ;-)

Sam and Dave’s shoot was definitely FUN and inspirational.  We were again in my office talking about locations.  They were just looking for some nice spots and didn’t really have a preference.  But as we started working together I realized Dave’s a big kid in heart and he has an addiction towards sweets.  We looked up a candy store and of course, it’s literally like taking a kid to the candy store. =)  Along with the custom muppets they used as a cornerstone of inspirations to their wedding, the location suddenly became insignificant because all this becomes personal and super cute!


Ah, Nicole and Mike… These two look like models and they didn’t realize it!  Mike’s actually a flight instructor and he arranged this wonderful WWII era plane to use as a giant prop for us.  Shooting at an airfield this entire shoot is inspired by Mike’s profession rather than a location or a prop actually.  But hey this absolutely works wonders and who knows, maybe what you do is actually a lot more interesting and inspirational than you think!


I hope all this is helpful to you when it’s your turn coming across finding a location for your engagement photo shoot.
Just be bold, and don’t be afraid to try something nobody has tried before.  Maybe you’ll be the ones appearing on this list next time around and setting new trends for everyone to follow!




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