Happy 1-Month Old to Our Dearest Daughter, Hannah

Those of you who know me know why I haven’t been updating my blog, facebook page, and MIA on all social events.  My wife Shirley gave birth to our first child Hannah a month ago on 2-15-12.  Life hasn’t been exactly the same ever since.  Our lives no longer only evolve around ourselves; our lives evolve around this new member of the family who would eat, poop, burp, fuss, cry, sleep, fuss more, and cry again, rinse and repeat type of schedule every 3 hours or so around a 24-hour clock, 365 days a week.  It’s been a whole month and no neither of us have learned to cope with this or train her to cater to our human needs.  I do apologize to those of you who have been affected by my lack of attention to work lately… :)

So last week I finally got myself together to pick up my camera and photograph our own daughter the way I’ve always wanted to try taking baby pictures.  Boy, and I went on a shopping spree for her as well… :)

I also did something I haven’t done in a long time – instead of looking at these on my monitor, I actually printed them out with some photo paper I bought a while ago on my inkjet printer.  And wow, I cannot even begin to explain it, but I suddenly feel like I’m very glad that I’m a photographer myself.  I know for sure I will be treasuring these pictures for years to come, and as I’m writing this blog post, Hannah has already grown another pound and look much bigger already.  Moms out there, they do grow fast don’t they?

Happy 1 month old, my daughter.

(yes, she’s born with a full head of hair from day-1!)



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