Engagement: Disney Concert Hall + LACMA – Elaine + Kevin

Walt Disney Concert Hall engagement photographer Herman Au


We’re heading out to Napa tomorrow for an engagement session over this weekend (and… of course visit a few wineries!) and I’m trying to get a few things wrapped up before heading out for a family shoot then come home to pack up.  Then I found the series of images above which I shot just last week which really got me to slow down, look at the picture and smile.  Yes, sometimes it’s not just about the technicality or the drama you can create in the image, and maybe it’s not about the equipment you use either – I think it’s more important that a picture giving you a reason to slow down your very busy life to take a moment a smile.

On a side note: I will have limited access to the Internet this weekend (what’s new?)  =)

Have a wonderful weekend!



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