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It’s June and I’m blogging about a wedding last month…  haven’t blogged anything so recently for quite a while!

Shirley and I went to Dearborn Michigan to photograph Myline and Doug’s wedding a few weeks ago.  I still remember when I first met the two of them they were only looking for a photographer for their engagement pictures, but they ended up shipping us to Michigan for their awesome wedding on top of their e-session.  It only felt like it’s a few months ago when we first met and I can still remember the day when we did their e-session last fall.  They’re one of the very unique couples that really stand out because of the way they look at each other.  If it ain’t love I really don’t know how else to describe it.  They’re so deeply in love that you can see it in their eyes without a doubt.

So turns out the weather over there at Michigan in May is really nice.  It was a tad gloomy on their wedding day, but the sun came out moments before she walked down the aisle.  Everything turned out to be absolutely perfect!  Myline even surprised us with the special touches she designed including the bouquets, center pieces (that she shipped all the pieces from San Diego to assemble in Michigan!), and they turned out to be absolutely amazing!

a little inside joke here but Men’s Wearhouse got wrong sized pants for everything – including Doug’s pants that turned out to be… more like capri than anything.  Good thing they found the problem early on and they got the right sizes on the wedding.  Doug put the pants on and it seriously worried his dad when he walked in and saw the…. “unique styling”.

Aren’t these just absolutely adorable?  Myline the bride designed them!

The pigeons were a little hesitant coming out from the cage so they gave them a little shake… =)

We just couldn’t stop making fun of the carpri incident… I have a feeling they’re going to remember it for a lifetime!

This one particular picture keeps echoing in my head because it says a lot about my photography style.  Everything happens there at that very moment is candid except I learned to anticipate the moment to be where I was and set everything up to capture it when it happens.  My couples are never instructed to do certain things to let me photograph them, and I feel that contributes to why I love to do what I do the way I like to.  It’s a spontaneous moment that’s frozen in time that says love that will remind them a lifetime of emotions they have gone through on their wedding day, all in one picture.

Venue: The Dearborn Inn, A Marriott Hotel | 20301 Oakwood Boulevard, Dearborn, MI | (313) 271-2700
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  1. michele bowman Jun 15th, 14:31

    such a beautiful wedding!! great job capturing their story and their love!

  2. Jason Burns Jun 15th, 15:30

    What a beautifully photographed wedding, I love that they released doves. Great looking couple too.

  3. Paul Nguyen Jun 15th, 17:22

    Great photos! Such touching moments captured on film! Congrats Herman!

  4. Laurie Peacock Jun 15th, 19:56

    The releasing of the dove and dancing shots are my fave. Nice work.

  5. Jessie Cadenas Jun 15th, 20:53

    That last dance shot is amazing! What a beautiful wedding.

  6. Kellee Jun 15th, 23:01

    The capri pants are hilarious :) Great work!

  7. Shella Jun 16th, 04:50

    Beautiful clean crisp images! And that ring shot is money!!

  8. John Stickel Jun 16th, 07:11

    Wonderful details and some great candid moments captured. Nice!

  9. Amber Wilkie Jun 16th, 12:53

    Killer ring shot! What a classy wedding.

  10. Tyler Jun 16th, 14:43

    some really solid coverage. the couple is definitely stoked.

  11. Sachin Khona Jun 16th, 15:12

    Killer final shot!!
    Nicely done :)

  12. Anton Chia Jun 17th, 04:57

    Herman you rocked it again! Great details, great portraits and great documentary coverage all round.

  13. Rochelle Photograper Jun 23rd, 05:02

    Love those detail shots! Stunning images!

  14. Perez Photography Jun 23rd, 23:33

    Amazing elements of a beautiful wedding!

  15. uungferi Jul 03rd, 18:34

    wowwww,…. very niceeee

  16. Heather Jul 05th, 17:52

    Fabulous work- especially with the detail shots!!


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