Engagement: Samantha & Dave – Muppets + Rocket Fizz!

This week we were doing 3 e-sessions over the weekend and I was trying to figure out where to find new inspirations.  Sam and Dave came in to my office and  so we started chatting about their hobbies.  Turns out Dave loves (and I mean, L O V E S) candies.  So I started searching on my phone and found Rocket Fizz in Pasadena… and it turns out to be a perfect fit for them.  I couldn’t believe how much fun they’re having in there shopping for candies and soda pop.

Dave also brought in two muppets custom made to look like them.  I’ll let you be the judge there but I’d say they’re absolutely adorable.  I don’t even know if the muppets they brought are more adorable or is it Sam and Dave that look like they’re custom made for each other.  Without further ado here’s one of the cutest couples, lots of candies, and their muppets.



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