Happy Birthday to me! =) D700 Birthday Cake!

I remember saying I was busy last year about the same time of the year, but nothing prepares me for this kind of schedule over this two weeks.

  • 5/18 fly out to Michigan
  • 5/20 wedding in Michigan
  • 5/21 fly back to CA first flight in the morning, wedding at Redondo Beach Historic Library (photo booth and video too!)
  • 5/22 engagement session in LA
  • 5/23 fly to SF
  • 5/24 engagement session in SF
  • 5/25 back in LA and back to client meetings again!

I’m having a hard time believing I’m living through this and somehow without coffee… oh well, back on subject. =)

My wife knew about my schedule and unfortunately, like the past couple of years we wouldn’t get to celebrate me getting another year older because of work.  But hey look what she got me!  She ordered me a D700 cake from our next door neighbor Tricia Faye!!

I came home at 11pm from an engagement shoot dead tired, but boy that’s such a sweet present and believe me it was painful to cut it.

Thanks Shirley I love you, and thank you oh so much Tricia you’re oh so awesome!

Tricia Faye Dalisay
celebrating life’s moments


sorry about the lack of perfection I just threw it all together after work at 12am and I wanted to cut it! ;-)  and I promise to blog again soon (alright Erich I get your point!)

and a few snaps from my iphone after the very painful cut. :)


That looks tasty. Also, I would be just as sad as you looked cutting into it! =)

How cool! Pretty and tasty looking, too :) Happy birthday!

Whoa, so sad to see it sliced. What a great cake. Congrats!

Yum! That is so cool. Happy birthday :)

Yes, please blog more~~~

AWESOME cake from the wifey!! Hope you enjoy SF and please explain why NO COFFEE?!?!?! Coffee was fuel for me in Michigan. haha.

Did you enjoy lots of middle eastern food in Dearborn? :oP

You know what would make that cake even better? if it was a canon! :) Jk. that cake looks bomb!!! And thank you for blogging!



next one

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