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Wedding: Heather + Jason @ Taglyan Cultural Center

Hey folks!  Sorry it’s been a while since I updated the blog.  Just so you know we’re not going anywhere but we’re just experiencing the busiest non-wedding-season months ever.  Typically we would be working hard on the weekends and catching up on processing and working on albums this time around, but our calendar has been so seriously packed that I haven’t  managed to have time to sit in front of my computer and not catching up with emails when I’m not behind a camera.  This morning I finally decided to sit myself down and blog about a wedding from late last year that I don’t want to pass.  I posted some of these pictures on Facebook but I thought I’d share the story with you guys here as well!It all started early in the morning, and much like most typical Chinese weddings we started working our way from the bride’s home.  Heather and her bridesmaids worked their way through preparing all the door games for the boys to arrive, all the tea set ready, and of course with the very awesome makeup artist Teresa Huang taking care of Heather and showing everyone how to put on the veil.

It’s all nice and peaceful until the boys stormed in and those usually (unusual) cruel but laugh out loud funny door games kick started the wedding day with endless laughter.

and then we went on with the tea ceremonies at the mansion of both sides of the families.  We of course never let these beautiful moments go and I just love to capture these memorable times when the complex emotions flow – sometimes in laughters, and sometimes even in tears of joy.

Their Christian wedding ceremony was held at the Oneonta Congregational Church in South Pasadena.  We’re no stranger to this beautiful church and it’s always a pleasure to work there.

Can you count the number of cameras in this one picture?  Believe me there are at least ten times more than what you see in here – correct number is 11 by the way excluding mine

and after the ceremony we drove off the the very awesome Taglyan Cultural Center in Hollywood.  Frankly I still don’t know if that’s the actual name of the place ’cause I’ve heard it being referred to the Taglyan Hall, or Taglyan Banquet Hall a dozen times by now.  Anyhow, Heather and Jason prepared a whole array of amazing details and named all their tables with Disney movies…  notice how they named Kung Fu Panda and the Pirates of the Caribbean tables from the above picture.

It’s indeed a stunning place to behold.  The Taglyan Cultural Center features an awesome light show where they continue to change the colors of the lighting throughout the entire night according to the mood and the music played.  With the beautiful center pieces Heather and Jason prepared and the pin lights highlighting every table, the place simply look stunningly beautiful.

The very cute couple each prepared a song to sing to each other that night and it’s just a memorable night.

So I thought I’ve seen it all, but the bouquet and garter toss that evening lead to something I never expected.  Jason grabbed the garter and tossed it to one of his groomsmen; while Heather aimed very well and her bouquet landed onto one of her bridesmaid’s hands.  I just thought it’s very cute of them, but then…  well, you just have to see it for yourself, Mr Groomsman first apologized for stealing the show, and then…

right… bet you have never seen a Groomsman proposing to a Bridesmaid at a wedding. =)

Oh yea believe me they got every single person on their feet and even my eyes got watery, oh and I kept working by the way or you wouldn’t be seeing these pictures. =)I have to say it’s an awesome day at work, as usual, and again I just feel blessed to be rewarded with a career as a wedding photographer to be able to witness, capture, and share these amazing moments.

As usual a success of a great wedding like this involves great work from all the hardwork and amazing talents from all the vendors, thanks all it’s a pleasure to be working with you all!

  • Makeup & Hair, Theresa Huang @ Theresa Huang Make-Up & Hair Design –  thmakeupdesign.com/
  • Videography, Alec Moreno  –  http://www.weddingartfilms.com
  • Taglyan Cultural Center – Banquet Hall –  http://www.taglyancomplex.com

Wedding Venue Location: Taglyan Cultural Center | 1201 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA | Contact: (323) 978-0005 ‎

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