downton los angeles business district engagement session

This year we have gotten to a very good start thanks to the support from you all.  We have finally getting a little breather with the weather less the desirable lately in LA, and I’m back on blogging again! yay!  In the coming weeks we’re going to roll off new slideshow options and we have also made some significant changes to how we compress our files and the site should load a little bit faster from this point on.

Without further ado, I want to share with you an engagement session we did a little while back in downtown LA near the business district.  We originally wanted to shoot at the Grand Central Market, and then move on to a nearby public park in front of the public library.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately), we were stopped at both places and they wouldn’t allow professional photography.  Bummer, so instead we decided to visit the nearby Bradbury Building, and we shot the entire session in the surrounding business district.  I’m in love with the results, and that gives me an urge to just try out to new locations.

bradbury building engagement session
bradbury building engagement session

It was actually a very cold day and the sun was hiding most of the session, and suddenly we got a glimpse of beautiful ray of sunlight through the buildings and turned the cityscape and sidewalk into amazingness. 

and we took one last picture in front of the cityscape before the buildings blocked off the sun before sunset

I look forward to your wedding in August!! =)
Makeup & Hair: Susie Chhuor Professional Hair | Makeup Studio
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  1. Avelaine Scyrup Mar 22nd, 13:10

    Very pretty light combined with great compositions = a whole lot of awesome. Nice work!

  2. Natalie Mar 22nd, 14:17

    I love how happy and in love they look in all of these images! Wonderful job capturing them!

  3. Mariana Maya Photography Mar 22nd, 14:57

    WOW! Great work. The last images is by far my fave!!!

  4. Alvina Mar 22nd, 15:11

    Beautiful as always! :] They’ve got a more vintage-y feel this time.

  5. Brad Ross Mar 22nd, 16:54

    I guess contrary to popular belief the sun does shine in L.A? Wonderful job of capturing this couples playful nature.

  6. Ariana Mar 22nd, 17:37

    Oh my these images are sooo stunning. You did such a marvelous job.

  7. Jean Mar 22nd, 23:07

    They must be SO thrilled…these are amazing. I absolutely love every image. The processing is perfection.

  8. alexbee Mar 23rd, 00:36

    great work! i love the last one especially

  9. Caroline Ghetes Mar 23rd, 04:58

    Love the lighting in all of these. That last shot is very unique and I really heart it. Nice work!

  10. Daniel Krieger Photography Mar 23rd, 09:13

    Really great set of images. I love the sun flare shots and the colors with some of these.. nicely done!

  11. Tony Kieu Mar 24th, 03:43

    Love this session especially the last shot, I can see the love overflowing out !

  12. Becca Dilley Mar 25th, 07:44

    Great uses of locations – so much variety but all with that LA feel.

  13. Keao Mar 25th, 08:18

    Wow, these are just incredible. Just amazing.

  14. Paul Von Rieter Apr 06th, 18:01

    Awesome set. You gotta love the grittiness of La.

  15. Jon Cardiff Apr 08th, 16:10

    WOW! Amazing photos! love them

  16. Heather Apr 12th, 08:28

    I adore that first black and white- the processing is perfect, and the look on their faces is awesome!

  17. Laura Leslie Apr 25th, 08:10

    Nice shots and colors!


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