Engagement: Annie + Mark in Los Angeles

Wedding season was supposed to wrap up late September this year, but we have been filling the rest of the season with engagement sessions and weddings on a weekly basis late this year.  Things have been getting so busy that I haven’t been able to update my blog as often as I wished.  But I assure you that we’re are working as hard as we could in hopes to deliver as many pictures to the 4th quarter couples, and of course many new awesomeness planned for 2011!

Mark and I spoke several times over the phone trying to determine where they wanted to do their e-session.  Mark ended up planning a route to go around Los Angeles hitting a few popular spots including the Grand Central Station, Bradburry Building, the Griffith Observatory, and then we made our last quick stop at the LACMA.  For some reasons the traffic that day was so light that allowed us to swing by all the spots, oh and they brought along their friends and we all had an awesome time and tons of laughter.

After warming up we headed over to the amazing Bradburry Building in downtown LA.  It’s a historical building that was featured in the film Blade Runner back in 1982.

after taking a nice lunch break at Japan Town, we quickly made a stop at the Griffith Observary for a few shots catching a pretty sunset overlooking the Los Angeles skyline.

and then before we call it quits we decided to head over to LACMA to get them that one engagement picture they really wanted to do at the modern art “Urban Light” sculpture.   Turns out that they’re using this picture to display at their reception. =)

Annie and Mark’s wedding is this Sunday and I can’t wait to work with you guys on your big day. =)  Congrats again!


I love your lighting, it’s perfect, the locations are fantastic as well. Your work is bloody amazing!

Love all the lines, the architecture and the lighting! You did a really amazing job!

Amazing locations, and you have really made them frame the couple.

She’s so cute! Love all the different looks & spots!

These are gorgeous! Location and lighting.. beautiful.

My mind is blown!! Those last ones are simply some of the best portraits I have seen. Ever!!

Wow…you really killed it…these images are amazing!!

Love all the great angles in these shots. Everything looks slightly different yet they flow quite nice. Excellent work.

What a location! The couple is great too. Your lighting rocks!

Fabulous work – and what a great couple

The ones with the urban light… wow, so awesome.

Every image is just spectacular. I am especially blown away by the images in front of the light sculpture…absolutely breathtaking!

Those shots among the lightposts are simply stunning. You rocked it!

Herman, you consistently make the amazing use of setting in
your photographs. These are no exception. Sir, I applaud



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