And so this very amazing year has finally come to an end.  Our wedding season never stopped this year and our very last stretch of weddings landed on 12/18 and 12/19 and I didn’t even get to go home and sleep in between.  Bookings for next year is getting close to surpassing the wedding projects we have tackled this entire 2010 at this point, and I am delighted to finally have landed some very helpful staffs.  Before I start getting busy with post-processing and working on albums again, I decided to blog once more before I write the last blog post for the year about our 12/19 wedding – a traditional Chinese wedding full of love and emotions.

It was a rainy day, which isn’t typical in Los Angeles to begin with, and it was raining very hard.  We had to alter plans for the day to accomodate throughout the day.  It has been dark throughout the entire day and due to unforeseen circumstances I was down to my two hands soon after we started.  So it’s been quite a challenge to create the light to make the pictures look good from the very beginning.  I remember I made it a little personal goal for myself earlier this year to try to be competent with lighting, so this day was like a little pop quiz for me as well a test of stamina after 11-hours of shooting only 9 hours before it and 5 hours of sleep.

I began the day when Annie was still waiting to have her makeup done by the very amazing Grace Lin, so I started working on the jewelry in the dark. I found a nice and glossy cabinet top and so I wiped it clean, lit them with my new SB900, and the oh-so-amazing 85mm F/2.8 PC.  I must say the tilt shift lens is a blessing to use under controlled environments… =)

bvlgari wedding bands
chinese wedding tea set

it’s always nice to take a step back and see what’s usually behind me… =)

and what do you do when you get a bridal party who isn’t smiling?  take a wild guess what I asked them to do. :)

here comes the more challenging part when the ceremony was brought indoors due to the rain.  Luckily I had a few moments to work on the set before the ceremony began and I could control the environment.

ahh and that’s the new 24×36″ metallic print we did for them with a nice aluminum bezel.  It’s very well received and I think this particular print work way better than it would on canvas.

and here’s the awesome lighting work of the amazing Jack Hou at The Music Man Productions @

William, the best man, also a long time business partner of Mark the groom, and also a good friend of mine made a great speech that night, and that brought many into tears.

That’s it for now folks!  I put the rest of the images in the flash gallery below so feel free to view it if you want to see more.

As usual a success of a great wedding like this involves great work from all the hardwork and amazing talents from all the vendors, thanks all it’s a pleasure to be working with you all!

  • Lighting, DJ: Jack Hou @ TMMPRO  –
  • Makeup & Hair, Grace Lin @ Grace Lin Makeup & Hair Studio  –
  • Wedding Coordination, Jessica Bao @ Shine Wedding Events  –
  • Emcee, Sophia Chan  –
  • Videography, Mike Lee  –
  • San Gabriel Hilton, Medeline Yu  –
Venue: Hilton Los Angeles – San Gabriel | 225 West Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel, CA | (626) 270-2700
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  1. George L Koroneos Dec 28th, 06:46

    Great work. The color and details in your images are amazing. Love the Tickle the Groom shot.

  2. Kat Braman Dec 28th, 07:11

    what a gorgeous wedding! I love the groom’s bowties and the bride’s dresses. and that moment between father and son is so touching.

  3. Thomas Lester Dec 28th, 08:09

    Great shots Herman. That picture of the B&G by the light posts is one of my favorites of yours. Seeing it printed big is pretty cool. Great work.

  4. Sachin Dec 28th, 14:37

    Bvlgari rings! POW! beautiful detail shots and the
    reception looked like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brad Ross Dec 28th, 19:30

    Such a wonderful mix of emotion, detail and candid moments.

  6. Anne Marie Carson Dec 28th, 21:04

    Wow…what an event! Gorgeous work. I’m not one to be
    impressed by jewelry, but those rings (And the ring shots) are

  7. Medeline Yu Dec 28th, 21:05

    Wow!! Herman, great job on capturing each individuals
    expressions on different occassions throughout the day. This is a
    very special day for Mark and Annie and I am honor to be part of
    it. Great meeting you!

  8. Kyle Dec 28th, 23:08

    Those ring shots are so baller. Nice clean work!

  9. Dariusz Czepiel Dec 29th, 10:02

    Nicely done, story well told !

  10. Caroline Ghetes Dec 30th, 00:47

    That first ring shot is nice! I also love the shots with
    the light posts. Great work!

  11. Heather Jan 04th, 14:20

    Fabulous!!! I adore the shot of the guys taken from above over the balcony.

  12. Matt Jan 24th, 06:34

    Wow, that lighting was impressive. A fantastic set of pictures, really like your style

  13. Laura Leslie Mar 04th, 22:24

    WoW! Love the ring shots!


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