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Wedding: Camillia + Chris @ La Venta Inn, Palos Verdes Estates

father daughter dance in black and white at la venta inn

When I first met with Camillia and Chris, I felt a strong connection with them.  It’s a difficult feeling to describe, but it probably stems from an understanding of a similar cultural background.  Her dad really reminds me a lot of my own father with his strict teachers but a very kind heart, and a lot of expectations on his children; these are traits you will find in a lot of Asian parents.  The above image is one of my favorite photographs captured this year – it demonstrates a lot of what has become of my photography.  I’ve been searching for something that’s me over the years as I progress in my photography career, and maybe the combination of all of me is becoming a style of my own.  The picture above is one of my favorites captured that day – it demonstrates a lot about how I work, my efforts put into learning how to anticipate and prepare for the moment when the opportunity comes, and of course a little bit of luck there too!

During the wedding ceremony when Camillia’s dad walk her down the aisle, I can’t help but noticed the two going through a lifetime of emotions.  I was able to capture Camillia’s father prepare his every step, and every step forward was a step closer to letting his daughter go; and Camillia looked like she’s torn between understanding her father’s feelings but also excited to marry the love of her life.  Then her eyes seem to just sparkle the moment she lifted her head to look at Chris.  These are the moments I feel so thankful for having the luxury to do what I do.

Camillia and Chris did not hire a florist – they had their friends help with the flowers and decorations:  Angela & Emily Su, with the help of their brother Brian and sister-in-law, Thomasina.  You’ll notice succulents throughout the entire wedding instead of vibrant fresh flowers which is really awesome!

and here’s the sequence of shots that shows why I love photojournalism –  it allows you to slow down in life, pause, and look back at things that would have otherwise been gone in seconds.

the drop dead gorgeous view from La Venta Inn

on a side note, the food served by New York Food Company there is simply amazing… the mashed potato bar was a big hit!

instead of wedding favors, Camillia and Chris elected to donate to UCLA Mobile Clinic Porject and Christian Action Asia; and they did it in a very cute and meaningful way too!

and we went around Palos Verdes Estates a little bit for a few wedding portraits with the newly weds.  =)

It’s been a wonderful day and an absolute pleasure working with Camillia, Chris, their families and friends.  Congratulations again!


Venue: La Venta Inn | 796 Vía Del Monte, Palos Verdes Estates, CA | (310) 373-0123

Beautiful pictures!

And I love the favors, such an amazing gift! Good job!

Fab photos! Very clean and crisp – just lovely!!

umm… seriously? this is kind of perfect!! every shot is clean and gorgeous, the moments and compositions are just right. and that view is just breathtaking – you got the perfect angle on it! i see what you mean about the bride’s procession with her father – what beautiful memories for her when she looks at these pictures! great work!

gorgeous! love the happiness & your editing style is refreshing. congrats to the lovely newlyweds :)

Really lovely black and white toning!

Love the way you have captured the detail. Amazing venue. The Father of the bride looks so proud, very cool. You colors and tones are brilliant. All in all a pretty amazing capture, very well done.

Your images are so crisp and colorful! LOVE ALL OF THEM!

So if there was a ballpark around this wedding, you knocked these pictures right out of it! AWESOME!

Wow, stunning work! Great details, great emotions and some absolutely awesome shots!

Classic images, perfectly sharp, and deliciously rich color and b/w conversions. Love!

Wow, such a proud dad.
Beautiful images and storytelling!

Great photos! Love how vibrant and colorful they are.

Wow, great wedding! LOVE how crisp and fresh your processing is! Beautiful job!

Love that shot of the glass bottles! And Georges De Latour, Oolala :-P

That top dancing photograph is magical. Wonderful work!

Your images have an amazing clarity and “pop”.. Great job.

Daer Herman, Wonderful job, beautiful pictures and your
comment was very touching! Have a successful Year! Victor &
Alice Lui



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