I have received over ten inquiries about the very special 10/10/10 date over the past year, and I really feel bad for not being able to fulfill every one of them.  But I ended up reuniting with a very special couple – Krystle & Jake.  I originally shot their elopement beach wedding at Point Dume, Malibu last year, and it turns out to be one of the most special weddings this year which brought me and Shirley to Arizona.

It all started back in 2009 when I stumbled across Krystle’s posting on craigslist.  She and Jake were looking for a wedding photographer to take pictures for their Malibu beach elopement wedding.  I’ve always loved the beach and I replied to her posting along with my portfolio.  Out of the many, many candidates I was the lucky chosen one to be a part of their very special day.  I’m still very thankful til this date and this really is one special wedding with many memorable moments I’ll never forget.

Fast forward to 10.10.10.  We started that morning walking into the bridal room with Krystle doing her own makeup while she’s having her hair done!  That’s not what you’d see everyday… but Krystle herself is an awesome makeup artist herself as seen inhttp://www.makeupbykolor.com!

black and white ring on hand
bride putting on wedding gown photojournalism approach
groom putting on jacket photojournalism capture
modern groom and groomsmen walking portrait
modern GQ look groom and groomsmen portrait

Hmm… with a bunch of cool looking models what would I do with them?

contemporary groomsmen and fathers jumping portrait

Yep… I got them all, including the Dads to join us on some crazy jumping shots. =)

contemporary bride and bridesmaids jumping portrait

Here’s the drop dead gorgeous view of the Skyline Country Club at Tucson, Arizona where their wedding took place.  

mordern bridal party happy portrait
through the windshield kissing shot
duotone muted tone bridal portrait
bride and groom kissing artistic photo
purple candy table details
wedding cake and details
first dance against sun flare
the skyline of dusk at skyline country club
little boy dancing at the wedding reception
best approach to shoot a bouquet toss against back light
backlit with external flash
signature style backlit dancing photos
genuine photojournlistic style emotion capture

happy bride and groom dancing unobtrusive capturing emotion

Again, I’m just very thankful and honored to be a part of their wedding.  Having the opportunity to witness love as events unfold and being able to capture these precious moments is something that I treasure.  Congratulations again Krystle and Jake!
  • Lorelei Starbuck from Sacred Affairs – http://www.sacredaffairs.com/
  • Vicky Randall- Professional Waistaff Coordinator
  • Debie Pageu- wedding planner
  • Skyline Country Club
  • and last but not least, the bride herself!  Krystle Randall Doyle – http://www.MakeupbyKoLoR.com
Venue: Skyline Country Club | 5200 E Saint Andrews Dr, Tucson, AZ | (520) 299-1111
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  1. Alvina Oct 20th, 12:23

    Lovely! Great captures, esp of the ceremony. What a cute couple. Looked like a fun party. :]

  2. Paul Alexander Oct 20th, 12:45

    What a stunning wedding, you have captured it perfectly :-)

  3. Jason Burns Oct 20th, 13:29

    What a beautiful wedding, you did an amazing job. Love the bridal party picture.

  4. Graeme Crawford Oct 20th, 14:37

    Herman – you must be like the master of detail shots!! So many special personal aspects captured so beautifully – great job!

  5. Milena Dekic Oct 20th, 14:46

    Lovely work, and that shot of the groom & groomsmen jumping made me giggle :)

  6. Tall Oct 20th, 17:38

    Herman WOW! That kiss shot through the car window is amazing. Great photos.

  7. Vida Carson Oct 20th, 17:46

    What a gorgeous wedding, I love all the purple details!!!

  8. Alex Oct 20th, 18:11

    WOWZA! That picture of them kissing in the car should be blown up and put on their wall! It’s amazing!

  9. Shell Bailey Oct 20th, 18:25

    Your portraits are intimage and beautiful! Great work!

  10. Joseph Yarrow Oct 21st, 00:34

    These are brilliant Herman! The “through the car” image is gorgeous!
    Well done, and congratulations to Krystle & Jake!

  11. Geoff Poitras Oct 21st, 08:40

    Solid yet artistic work. More and more, young kids are into freestyle dancing…amazing what they are able to do.

  12. Heather Oct 30th, 16:53

    Okay, those groomsmen shots with the sunglasses.. EPIC.

  13. Aga Nov 04th, 15:31

    nice shots!!! very good work.keep it real!!!

  14. Albuquerque Wedding Photography Nov 12th, 14:04

    All great shots, but I have to go with the bouquet toss as my favorite. Definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

  15. Dawn Lane Dec 22nd, 06:35

    Congrats … What a beautiful wedding! So happy for you both.Take care.

  16. Rev. Lorelei Starbuck Mar 08th, 13:35

    Herman I simply love your work. You are the best!

    • Herman Mar 09th, 01:10

      Thanks Lorelei your work is beautiful too! Hope to work with you again soon!


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