Family Pictures: The Chan’s and Wong’s Family

Ever since I started photographing weddings I found myself in love with capturing the essence of happiness and pinacle of emotions.  Weddings are the ideal events for me to be able to employ my unobtrusive photojournalist philosophy and really allow me to do what I do best.  A couple friends of mine way back in high school (gosh I’m getting old) asked me to photograph their family and most important of all, their children.  I must admit it is something foreign to me especially when I’m yet to be a father.  But then last Sunday once we began taking these pictures I felt like it’s almost a treat for me because the Chan’s and Wong’s family are happy.

Not just happy to be there or anything, but genuinely happy because they’re enjoying life.  Grandparents seeing their children happily married and these little ones crawling and running around.

Suddenly I have nothing to worry about, not having to worry about posing or boosting their confidence or even making them feel good about themselves.  Everything else comes naturally and that’s what I believe in all along.  The camera no longer merely as a tool to capture light, it’s more like a my tool to retain and preserve happiness.

I love my job. =)


Adorable does not begin to describe that top image. Great overall!

Great set – colours are lovely, so many happy faces!

These are awesome!
That top image, in particular, is just perfect-both the mood and the processing.

That little guy is soo cute! Awesome set, you did a great job documenting this beautiful family.

The top one is my favorite! Love the colors and the lighting on all of them!!

BEAUTIFUL family!!! I want little asian babies!! They are sooo cute. Sigh. Fabulous job on these. :)

what an adorable family! I love how you captured them playing.

My great nieces are so beautiful, so natural in their posting.
Love it….

What a great set! Light and colors are gorgeous!



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