Engagement: Liz & Josh @ UCLA

blackboard classroom engagement picture

What happens when a mathematics major with a passion in photography meets a UCLA English major?  I think the picture above illustrates that very well… =)  We have Liz and Josh here, a cute and fun couple having a ton of fun with this engagement session at UCLA.  I’ve moved here to SoCal from the Bay Area about  7 years ago, and believe it or not I have never set foot there over all these years…  I felt like a tourist when they showed me around while we go around the campus taking pictures.

Josh did surprise me a little bit when we first met and he had a few special requests for me – he wanted some panorama pictures on his wedding day, and he wanted to do one of those pictures to illustrate them walking towards each other.  I rarely bring my tripod to my e-sessions, but it was a whole lot easier this time around with Winnie around giving me a helpful hand.

I also brought my newly acquired 85mm F/2.8 PC tilt-shift lens to this e-session to test on the field.  It sure isn’t an easy lens to tame especially when the metering is not exactly accurate when you’re tilting while having to manual focus, but the results are totally fun and worth all the effort.  I also brought my new Phottix Stratos 4-in-1 in my bag which definitely proved its worth.  They served perfectly preventing vibrations when remotely triggering the camera, and conveniently triggered my remote off camera flash allowing me to light the very dim classroom the way I wanted.

I always randomly come up with the dumbest lines ever and my wife Shirley always give me that -_- look… but they do come in handy when I need to quickly lighten up the mood to allow me to capture these awesome smiles!
wireless flash triggered by phottix stratos Here’s one last shot of the multiple exposure shots of them walking towards each other in front of the famous UCLA Royce Hall!

2010 is going by so quickly and I’m really having a hard time believing it’s really already September.   The summer wedding season is still far from over and we’re already beginning to do engagement sessions for the 2011 couples!  Our dates are filling up very quickly and we recommend all couples to contact us as soon as your wedding date is secured with the wedding venue.

Stay tuned… more e-sessions and weddings to come very soon! =)


Hey I know Liz! Nice shoot. Isn’t UCLA such a beeeeeeautiful campus?? :-D

omg! the world i know is getting smaller by the minute!!!

They are such a cute couple!! And I Love the BW door images as well as the one with the Ivy toward the end. :)

Love the feel of this shoot! This is one of the most creative and playful e-sessions I have seen in awhile. Great work!

Your black and whites are great. Creative shoot too!

Dude!! You nailed it! Great job with the tilt-shift!

Such a playful and happy set. Love it all.

You have some very unique compositions in this set!

Cool! That first shot at the chalkboard is so so so great. Looks like it’s an advert for…something cool.

I’m lovin’ it. That chalkboard shot is priceless!

Great images. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Way to tie in their personalities. LOVE the chalk board shot.

Fantastic set, I love what you’ve created and that chalkboard shot is just genius!

Dear Herman, you rock. Seriously. I think that just about sums it up.

You guys are just too kind… thank you =)

This is such a fabulous shoot. Each and every photograph is a poster for your skills!!



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