When I first met up with Mary on our consultation session, I was dumb enough to pick Super Bowl Sunday to meet up with them… =)  Obviously I’m not football fan and Mike logically made the choice every guy would – watch football instead of meeting the wedding photographer.  Mary shared with me briefly of their wedding plans and a few of their special arrangements on their wedding day.  For starters, both her and Mike aren’t very fond of cakes and so they decided to do an ice-cream bar that they enjoy; then it is their wine ceremony – instead of the now popular sand ceremony, they decided to pour a glass of white wine and a glass of red wine together which I think is both beautiful and brilliant; then there’s Mike’s parents who turn out to be videographers!  Turns out they Mike’s dad managed to dedicate some of the cameras to a few volunteers while he continues to document the day and  enjoying himself. =)

We started off the day at the Lux Sunset Boulevard Hotel where they’re getting ready in the morning:

Mary and Mike decided to do a first look at the hotel.  Their flower girl was confused about what they’re doing, and started telling Mike that Mary’s coming and asked him to turn around.. cute haha =)

and their elegant and beautiful bouquets

Here’s the red and white wine they’re using for their wine ceremony

And the very lucky Cooper accompanied with two pretty flower girls

It’s a gorgeous day and a beautiful ceremony

wedding wine ceremony

we took the entire bridal party along, including the flower girls and Cooper the ring bearer to the golf course for some pictures.  =)

Bridal Portrait at Mountain Gate Country Club

hmmm….. ice-cream bar that everybody looked forward to.  It’s a huge hit that night!

In the reflection, the boy couldn’t wait until Mary and Mike could finish so that he could get his ice-cream; and Mike’s dad working hard in the background.

and they crowd urged them to hurry up ’cause they were so anxious to get their ice-cream! =)

and on the first dance, Mike’s dad also was working hard making sure he captures the moment! 

The entire wedding has been a blast and simply a treat to photograph.

And of course, huge thanks to all the vendors who made the wedding a awesome success!

  • Jill Cuarto
    Makeup by Jillz: http://www.makeupbyjillz.com
  • DJ Steve Martinez: http://www.djstevemartinez.com/
  • Mountain Gate Country Club Los Angeles: http://www.mtngatecc.com/
Venue: Mountain Gate Country Club | 12445 Mountain Gate Drive, Los Angeles, CA | (310) 476-6215 
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  1. Alvina Jul 14th, 09:51

    Loooove the pic of the bride and groom in front of the tree in that light!

  2. Jessica Horton Jul 14th, 13:37

    Love all the expressions you captured!

  3. Dave Chuidian Jul 14th, 13:38

    Mmm. Ice cream bar. I hope you got to partake! Great shot of the bridal party backlit and framed by the trees.

  4. Eliza Jul 14th, 13:43

    What a beautiful wedding! So elegant, and beautifully captured. I LOVE the ice cream bar idea.

  5. M. D. Lee Jul 14th, 17:43

    Beautiful shots. I love that shot of the fans!

  6. Cliff Marck Jul 14th, 21:02

    You did an awesome job man. Such great light for the formals too.

  7. Mark Jul 15th, 02:14

    Wow. I really love your style. This whole set is ridiculously good!!

  8. Phill Jul 15th, 04:24

    A fantastic document of a beautiful day. Superb work Herman! I love the idea of an ice-cream bar at a wedding; hope it takes off in my part of the world!

  9. Alicia Kennison Jul 15th, 04:33

    Lovely storytelling here. What a great wedding.

  10. Crystal Jul 15th, 09:45

    Great job working in the bright sunlight! That’s a challenge, and you worked it fabulously! I love your whole set!

  11. Amanda Lamb Jul 20th, 13:29

    Beautiful! Love the colors, love the reception shots w/ the OCL! So pretty. :)


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