Black and White Bridal Portrait at the wooden bridge in Balboa Park, San Diego

I remember a many years ago when I first visited Balboa Park in San Diego when I was still experimenting with photography.  I spent a whole day there taking pictures at the San Diego Zoo and I was impressed by the massive size, landscape, and especially fascinated by the beautiful architecture there (note to self: I still need to find a chance to visit the museums there).  I just couldn’t be happier when Lillian and Binh told me they’re getting married at the Prado in Balboa Park!  The Prado is a historical landmark in San Diego and it’s simply a treat to shoot there.

The two of them bursted into tears and they almost made us cry as well.. =)

Pictures like these shows why I love the photojournalism aspect of my job where you simply cannot reproduce anything like this no matter how well you pose.  This is the type of images that I really treasure on my own wedding, and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to help others perserve theirs as well.

Casa del Rey Moro Gardens wedding

The weather that day was simply amazing and this is a view from the Casa del Rey Moro Gardens where the wedding ceremony was held.

wedding ceremony at Casa del Rey Moro Gardens

after the ceremony we took a moment to take a few portraits with them, and we found plenty of beautiful scenery around the Prado

this was taken from the second floor during their cocktail hours at the Fountain Courtyard.
The Grand Ballroom at the Prado, Balboa Park

Wynn and her team did an awesome job putting everything together!

bride and groom's table toast
best man toasting the bride and groom

Father Daughter Dance at the Grand Ballroom

Mother and Son Dance at the Brand Ballroom
Lillian's Bouquet Toss
another view of the very amazing grand ballroom

It’s a great pleasure working with the following vendors who made this special wedding so awesome!

Venue: The Prado at Balboa Park, San Diego | 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA | (619) 557-9441
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  1. Drew Gregory Jul 25th, 20:16

    Great set of images, from the beautiful simplicity of the shoe shot to the well light dance images your couple will be very happy with these!

  2. matt shumate Jul 25th, 23:19

    So very cool Herman! I love every photo you’ve posted here. Nicely done!

  3. Rae Marie Jul 26th, 07:21

    Fantastic! I love the romantic portraits.. just gorgeous! x

  4. Albert Palmer Jul 26th, 12:24

    Wow – you have a new subscriber! The lighting in your work is superb and really makes each photograph stand out in its own right. Beautiful work.

  5. Heather Jul 26th, 15:46

    Simply LOVE the shot of the bride with her arms around the groom during the ceremony. This post shows what great photojournalism is about. Wonderful!

  6. ayesha Jul 26th, 15:53

    both storytelling and portrait images here that will be treasured for years by this couple, i’m sure. absolutely gorgeous work! you’ve captured emotions and moments in such beautiful and technically spot-on pictures… very inspiring. thank you for sharing!

  7. Jen Jul 26th, 17:41

    Herman, these shots are wonderful! Never mind that the couple is perfectly gorgeous. Both of her dresses are beautiful. Standouts include the courtyard shot and one of a dad toasting with the flecks of light. Wow!

  8. Gina Jul 26th, 23:34

    You have a truly exquisite body of work here!

  9. Teresa K Jul 27th, 05:26

    These are amazing. The first look image where she’s overcome with emotion is just fantastic. You really did a phenomenal job on this one.

  10. Becky Young Jul 27th, 07:40

    I LOVE the bride and groom shots. You captured the most natural, beautiful expressions! Great job!

  11. gabe aceves Jul 27th, 08:09

    gorgeous work, especially the lighting. really beautiful stuff.

  12. Lillian Jul 29th, 15:15

    Thank you Herman and Andy for capturing the love laughter and emotions of our special day!

  13. Alvina Aug 06th, 13:21


    (Your posts still don’t show up on Blogger) :(


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