Children Photography: Baby Gavin

When John and Jodie called me and asked me to photograph their new born I was totally stoked!  I’ve always been staying away from other types of photography during the past couple of years because I wanted to concentrate on weddings and concentrate on improving my line of work.  But then again I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to reunite with the couples and friends who have shown so much support, especially when they have faith in me taking pictures of their precious baby.

Meet Gavin, he’s 3 months old, and quite an active little boy as well!  He’s spent the whole time moving about punching and kicking, exploring the world around him during the entire session.  So it’s been quite a task to try to catch up with this little guy!

It’s great seeing you guys again Jodie and John, and it’s definitely a pleasure meeting little Gavin!


Great shots – fantastic eyes!

Baby Gavin is toooo cute!

Wonderfully done. Pictures to treasure.

These are works of art, nothing less. Baby Gavin has a set of treasure to look back on here when he grows up.

I’m in love with his forehead wrinkles. :)

:) I just LOVE baby pictures!! SO CUTE!

Awww what a sweet little guy!



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