Wedding: Eva & Andy’s Wedding @ Hotel Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA

I was both excited and nervous when Eva & Andy asked me to cover their wedding because Andy has been a buddy of mine who got me into photography, and he’s also into photography himself. Also, their wedding has got to be one of the most unique weddings I have shot to date – both of them being Chinese, they elected to have an Hindu wedding ceremony at Hotel Laguna at Laguna Beach. I’m no stranger to Hindu weddings, but this sure isn’t an average wedding you’d come across every day. =)

The wedding venue Hotel Laguna is a historical building dated back to 1888 and is a cute and charming place. Their unique and colorful decorations really made the entire wedding very special. They went as far as having a hindu priest and Eva wore a traditional sari while Andy wore a sherwani during their ceremony. At their dinner reception, Eva slipped into her wedding gown and they wowed the guests again with some great Bollywood dancing performance and their beautiful Croquembouche!

The entire day of wedding has been nothing but total awesomeness thanks to the very dedicated vendors:

  • Matt Grumann as their DJ/Emcee : http://www.mattgraumann.com
  • Jackie Jang from Susie Chhuor Professional Hair and Makeup Team : http://www.susiechhuor.com
  • Kelly Durham the wedding coordinator from Socialite Productions : http://www.socialiteproductions.com
  • Oh and thanks Bernard for assisting me that evening. ;-) Hope you had fun

Congratulations again Eva and Andy!!!


Love the shot on the steps! great color too!

sooooo cool that this couple opted for a traditional indian ceremony. She looks stunning!! Great clarity and color in these images. And um…that cake looks delish :)

Great job capturing their emotions throughout the day. That photo of them on the steps is my favourite.

What a beautiful wedding. I love the abundance of colors in indian weddings.

Well this is certainly unique! The bride is gorgeous and your photos are awesome. Great job!

Such a neat wedding! I love how colorful it is & amazing photos to show it off!

That’s such a great set of photos! The dancing photos is way cool.

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday! Very nicely done. great colors!

I love ceremonies like this. Such amazing colours and details captured in this set. Awesome work.

Very colourful wedding. you captured the day beautifully. i love your detail shots!

These are so beautiful. The color is just awesome. LOVE!

I love these photos! Fantastic works of art! Take care!



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