iPhone Wedding

I used to take my DSLR everywhere I go, well except to the bathroom, and I used to shoot everything with them. As technology advances, we have to move forward to suit the needs for the market. Ever since I purchased my iphone it has become my pocket camera, and lately I’ve fallen in love with shooting with it.

It’s ability to produce analogue-like images is unprecedented and I figure my bigger, heavier Nikon arsenal simply cannot match. The ultra lightweight iphone allows me to carry much less gears with me and that allows me to free my mind from worrying about the equipment so that I can focus on the more important wedding coverage.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two systems:


  • High resolution
  • High ISO performance
  • Interchangeable lens, flexible systems
  • Reliable and precise
  • Portable camera system

Apple iPhone

  • Low resolution, but nobody seems to want to make large prints anyway
  • Noisy, grainy, nostalgic images
  • Fixed lens, no fuss
  • You never know what you’ll get, vintage analoge feel to the pictures
  • Ultra lightweight and compact, no accessories

So here’s the big announcement: I finally decided it’s time to ditch my DSLRs and from this point on I’ll shoot my weddings with, yes, my iPhone. The advantage of using the iPhone doesn’t stop here and it’s simply too good to be true. So there you go, I’m ditching my Nikon gears for Apple. =)

Here are some of the random images I’ve taken with my iPhone lately.

Happy April’s Fool. :-)



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