Las Vegas Wedding: Helena & Billy

I’ve always been looking forward to my first Las Vegas wedding, but this first one of mine actually isn’t what I had in mind – it’s far more interesting, pretty, and intimate in every way.

Meet Helena and Billy who resides in Seattle. Instead of settling for gloomy weather there, they had all their friends and family flying into Las Vegas Four Seasons Hotel where their wedding is held. Actually I never even knew that Four Seasons exists in Vegas, but it actually takes up part of Mandalay Bay Hotel and has its own entrance. The hotel staff has been great with us and very accommodating, even allowing us to borrow a luggage cart to have a little fun prior to the ceremony. ;-)

It’s great for a little change for shooting outside of Souther California, and I look forward to my next destination wedding job taking me to San Diego in May! Congrats Helena and Billy! You guys are just awesome!



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