I ♥ my job! =)

I love my job.

I’m thankful every time somebody asks me if I enjoy what I’m doing, as I realize appreciate your own job is a rarity these days.

Yesterday I got together 2 boxes of 4×6″, and 9 boxes of albums and drove around town the whole day delivering them. What would have been a boring delivery day getting stuck in traffic actually became one of the most meaningful days of work, having the chance to see the couples whom I had the honor the photograph at their wedding once again and catching up with them. It’s an amazing feeling and it almost feels like seeing some old friends again the whole day. And I was thinking this must be how Santa feels when he delivers his presents to the children, knowing how they would smile from the bottom of their hearts as they unbox their presents. That also reminds me how fortunate I am to somehow found my way to do what I do, delivering memories. Those pictures will continue to remind those couples of their wedding day, and they will help them relive the day of happiness for years to come just like how I treasure my own wedding pictures.

Thanks, to all my old, new, and future clients. It is because of your support and the satisfaction of helping you make your wedding day memorable that continues to drive me forward.

Alright, back to work… Happy Monday!



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