Happy New Year!

Sunrise at MauiWow, I can’t believe it’s already 2010. The previous year definitely has been one of the most memorable years of my life thus far with so many ups and downs. I had to bid farewell to several of my loved ones including my grandma who just passed away at the end of 2009 and my beloved cat CC; but on the bright side, 2009 is the year which I turned my career around. With all the support by my wife, good friends and families, and of course all those who I photographed and who signed up for 2010 so far. It definitely has been an emotional roller coaster for me and I’m really looking forward to the new year.

My wife and I wrapped up the year by taking a few days off to Maui with a couple friends of ours. I was able to get a little tanned, but my farmer’s tan (photographer’s tan) has definitely gotten worse. We had some great food, built sand castles, watched some humpback whales which has been amazing by the way thanks to the Pacific Whale Foundation! Here are some pictures we’ve taken during the trip.

Anyway, Happy New Year and Aloha from Hawaii! =)



Where are these “pictureS” you speak of?! Only that lovely one above? And those little tab things under the post where you can “share” the post with a number of mediums is pretty cool… how they pop up when you scroll over them. haha. Happy new year!

What a beautiful picture! It’s not everyday that one can look at the sun from above the clouds.



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Happy Holidays!