Engagement: Ma-an & Mike @ Hong Kong

Small world indeed. Ma-an is a co-worker of a good friend of mine who works in Hong Kong. The shoot was done back in late October, 2009. But little did I know that she’s also a good friend of one of the partners at Laliez who does some amazing wedding decoration work over here in Southern California! Small world indeed…

Ma-an and Mike love taking pictures… if I’m not mistaken this was their 3rd engagement session. It’s an interesting experience for me because I spent most of my childhood growing up in Hong Kong, but I’ve never done been there as a tourist / photographer using Hong Kong as a backdrop.

Although it’s not Ma-an and Mike’s first e-session, I felt that they’re a little tense and nervous because we started off at the Peak Terminal where there were a ton of tourists around. No worries, after a few tricks I think Mike were loosen up almost too much and that really made Ma-an smile. Told you Ma-an, your best smile is that real genuine smile of yours when you’re happy. =)

Congratulations! I hope you guys had a great time, and I wish you the best at your wedding back in the Philippines in December!

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