Wedding: Lisa & Erwin, Oneonta Congregational Church, South Pasadena

It’s a very hot summer day, but an absolute blast to work despite the heat because it’s finally Lisa & Erwin’s big day!

How often do you come across a bride who forgets her wedding bands before the wedding and would still smile about it? Yep that’s Lisa.. easily one of the cheerful, caring girls who’s marrying the love of her life. It’s definitely not my average day – 300 McDonald’s nuggets, groomsmen dancing around the groom, then watch them play tennis (don’t ask), having a dozen people jump at the Pasadena City Hall, watch the bridesmaids and kids dance around like you would back in pre-school. And after countless laughs and many drops of tears of joy, the perfectly matched Lisa and Erwin tied the knot at the Oneonta Congregational Church at South Pasadena. It’s just the perfect setting for them… =) Congratulations Lisa and Erwin! =)

Here’s a few pictures taken that day to share:

DSC_5701DSC_5709 DSC_5715 DSC_5976 DSC_5979DSC_5563

DSC_6022 DSC_6137DSC_5710-1 DSC_5734-1 DSC_5648 DSC_6243 DSC_6252 DSC_6447 DSC_6456 DSC_5788-1

Big Thanks to the following vendors at the wedding who made everything go smoothly! :-)

  • The very experienced and talented Joyce Luck and her team who took care of makeup and hair
  • Jennifer Skinner @ Oneonta Congressional Church who made the ceremony go so smoothly
  • and of course, DJ Konrad with the stellar sound setup


Herman Au is a Wedding Photographer located in Los Angeles, California



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