Looking for Professionals to Network

I posted something like that on Craigslist but amazingly I never got 1 reply… (usually get 30+ replies for anything I post there) I guess the reason is that I’m not getting married, and I’m not looking to hire somebody, meaning I don’t have money to offer nor I have money to spend.


What a shame.

The economy is bad for everybody, and I think I probably picked one of the most challenging times to develop my wedding photography business. Nevertheless, business is growing and is on pace thus far. I actually have business to refer to others, but my book of referrals is short at the moment and I’m literally throwing away business opportunities that somebody else could benefit from. Frankly, I do not want commission, at all. Call me crazy, old school, whatever, but I believe in goodwill. I’m hoping to form a circle of referrals among trusted professionals who can deliver quality work. I want to make my clients happy, and I want to make sure whoever I refer will make me proud and make my clients happier with their service as well.

In short, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Professional Videographer
  • Florist
  • DJ / MC
  • Makeup Artist
  • Professional Decorator
  • Cakery / Baker
  • etc. (this is a short list, but this is not the end of it)

I would prefer somebody who also resides in the Southern California in the general Los Angeles area. So…. drop me a line if you, or have somebody who you think may be interested in networking. :)



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