Well, there are several things planned in January 2009 that’s pretty much on schedule at this point. First of all, I have a brand new re-designed business card with a new logo thanks to Alvin’s generous help. The printing went pretty smoothly this time and I’m hoping this will help me define the identity of my photography business.


Then, next in line is a brand new flash website that I’ve been working on the past month or so. I found a musician who generously granted me to use his work as the background music, and everything including the portfolio and sample galleries are all going to be much easier for me to update. Everything is slowly taking shape and falling into the right places, and I’m hoping I get the keywords and site description right this time. I’m really not the business oriented type, and I haven’t really done any forms of advertising so far. However, I’m really hoping I get it right this time, and make a good first impression for those who do drop by my site in the very near future. I’m a little tired of my old cards and site that kind of present my work in a somewhat negative way… :-)

Stay tuned… I’ll be back soon, I promise!



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