Engagement Session : Maria & Andy

A few months ago I photographed Gail and Yong’s wedding, and only a few months after, it’s going to be Yong’s brother Andy and his fiancé Maria getting married in October! :) We picked a Monday and went off to a couple of locations in West LA, and wrapped up the day shooting at the beach on a beautiful sunset. In the end, Maria picked the picture she liked, Andy kept his tummy filled eating every 2 hours along the way, and I got to shoot my favorite silhouette also. I look forward to your wedding day, congratulations again! =)

Lovers at Dusk (by hermanau)

DSC_9234 copy (by hermanau)

DSC_8975 copy (by hermanau)

DSC_9150 copy (by hermanau)

DSC_8917 copy (by hermanau)

DSC_9123 copy (by hermanau)

DSC_8961 copy (by hermanau)

DSC_8858 copy (by hermanau)

DSC_8881 copy (by hermanau)

DSC_8838 copy (by hermanau)



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